For far too long, the word out there is that we have to think with our head and not our heart. Not that I believed it, but I have been told to cut the emotion and think logically! Surely – it’s 2019, haven’t we moved on from this ancient, stiff rule from school thinking? Isn’t it time to tune in to checking out our feelings and emotions, those heart felt dreams, desires and passions. let’s begin the year by Thinking With Your Heart!

-Don’t think. Believe. Trust your heart not your brain. Feel. Believe – Ayn Rand

We are living in a world full of overload, overwhelm and over the top!  It is hard to escape it and challenging to get back into our roots, heart and soul. Well, with out going all woo-woo or goo-goo on you, what I am saying is let’s get back to checking in with our amazing intuitive abilities. I call it my personal antennae. Keeps me out of danger, warns me, guides me  – if I listen up and follow through!
Now, that is the key bit, the hot tip, the essential ingredient.
We have to listen up, tune in and not dismiss the gut feelings and intuitive memos that emanate from our hearts.

-Your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain – Anon

Perfect timing to check in with your smart intuition, it’s 2019! Let’s start relying on our heart (call it intuition, antennae, inner voice, gut feeling, whatever resonates best for you!)

-Big decisions are for the heart, small everyday ones are for the brain – The Earth Keepers

What it means is not so different from the daily practise of just following and flowing with your intuitive smart self. Remember that Your brain’s autonomic nervous system signals your heart to pump its oxygen-rich blood, and your heart responds by delivering blood to your entire body, including to your brain. Such a smart two-way system!

There are so many disciplines that we can adapt and adopt to help us tune into thinking more with our hearts. Here are 3 tips to encourage you.

  1. Put your hand on your heart. Find her/it him. Feel the beats, check the rhythm, pay attention and make friends with your pumping machine. Feed your heart with nourishing food – make your heart your new best friend.
  2. Breathing, meditating, yoga, even swimming make your heart sing with happiness. Your heart needs stimulation too! Connect with your heart in this physical way. It is like eavesdropping!
  3. Listening to what your emotions and feelings are telling you. Tune in to your instinctual messages. Listen up good, don’t dismiss them, learn to hear what you feel!

The Heart is another name for Reality and this is neither inside nor outside the body
— Ramana Maharshi

Start the year with a spoonful of self- care followed by some tuning in and finish it off with a second helping of letting go! Time to start Thinking With Your Heart!

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