Such wise and witty words from Frances Ann Lebowitz, a woman renown for her sardonic social commentary on American life. Of course, it is obvious we need to know what we are speaking about before we release our vocabulary. And naturally, we have to learn and research our commentary, written or spoken. But do we? Do we really give any consideration when we open our mouths? Do we pay enough attention to what we say before we say it? Are we reading before we think so we can think before we speak?

-Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting – Edmund Burke

In my writing process – I spend a lot of time reading and researching. I have to admit I love it. I enjoy discovering back up to my opinions, resources to confirm my point of view and those all important facts and figures to give weight to my arguments. I also enjoy the distractions! There is nothing like a change of scenery to re-inspire me and refuel the imagination. Think Before You Speak -Read Before You Think – urges me to adventure out of my comfort zones.

Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out – Pam Allyn

Going back to the engaging title – Think Before You Speak – Read Before You Think – I am reminded that we are living in a world of endless opportunities and never-ending choices and that sometimes makes us indecisive, flippant and way too casual about quality and value.

How can we make smart decisions with so many choices? (This applies to partners as well as work situations.)
How can we look further than our own noses when things move so fast?
How can we offer more value and quality? Perhaps a little of Ms. Lebowitz formula might help? Think Before You Speak – Read Before You Think.

I think discipline is key. Not the whip lashing – slave-driving type. But something that focuses you on your work your projects and goals but also tells you clearly and out loud, not to burn out your body. Living a Nourishing and Flourishing Life takes courage to be able to find that work play balance.

However, I am also a great advocate of not over thinking or over analysing. Remember to keep a reminder alarm on your phone to stop you going down the “over doing” abyss!

-Reading is dreaming with your eyes open – Bella Bleu

Many of us spend a huge number of hours gazing at screens, viewing everything from recipes, news, weather, holidays and emails. In fact, our whole world reaches us through a screen of one shape or another. We have access to apps, games, entertainment and buying and selling that very often leaves us ready for nothing else but bed, alcohol or other distracting substances!

Maybe, it is time to shake up the convention of screen ogling and turn our eyes towards – paper – books!
Could it be, you are dreaming, plotting and planning to write a book?
Let’s encourage this excellent habit of augmenting our wisdom – our knowledge and our pleasure through reading, writing and thinking, particularly before we speak.

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