Where is that hole in the ground when you really need it? Oh, where is that super fast escape route, when an attack of the nerves, accompanied by an in yer face fear seeps into your skin and bones? I am referring to those situations when you have to speak up, present, pitch or perform. When you have to get up and say your thing!
It’s a chemical reaction they say.  Cortisol, adrenaline, blood and oxygen start rushing around your body like a late, late five o clock train. Oh, it’s Them Nerves, Them nerves, Dem Tingling Nerves!
It’s science! it’s normal and healthy, except when the indices inflate and enlarge. When energy goes too high or too low. It’s amazing how those two wicked sisters, Nerves and Fear can cause such damage, even among the experienced and professional.

It seems that the whole world has some kind of nervous activity going on when they have to speak in public. I have spoken with actors and a wide variety of presenters and performers and they all experience some kind of adrenal rush. The key is in how you handle that force of energy when it comes steaming into your system.

-Nervous energy is the ammunition we take into any mental battle. If you don’t have enough of it, your concentration will fade. If you have a surplus, the results will explode. – Garry Kasparov

Now, I have told this cute story before, but it is a good one. Once upon a time, my music teacher gave me the best piece of advice money can buy, as to how to handle them tingling nerves. I had laughed about it. I didn’t believe her. It was too simple. I remembered her words, “Shake it up now, shake off them nerves. Wriggle about, flap and shimmy.” Reluctantly, I started to shake my head, then my shoulders, arms and hands. It felt very foolish and even more so when my highly respected tutor started laughing at me.
“Just imagine a large and hungry tarantula landed on you, and you have to shake it off fast.” she whooped.
I am sure that image would make you do an on the spot pogo-dance too.
I know, it sounds mad, it sounds un-scientific, there is no money to be made from this, no patent possible…and that is why it works.

For two really simple reasons. One, it gets the blood going and two, it sets the butterflies free.
Now, you are probably thinking two things. She’s mad!  & I can’t do that it’s stupid!
All I can say is, try it, you might be surprised!

I recognise that  some people will require more research and will have a strong desire to work harder on their pre- speaking nerves. Maybe, even need a name for it. Here is the official one. Glossophobia.
In which case, have a peek at 12 tips to help you overcome Glossophobia

Feeling nervous even terrified before standing up to speak in public is a normal healthy mind and body reaction. It is said it means you care. But if you need encouragement, some straightforward talking to, even some confidence boosting, then click on that big fat red button below and Let’s Chat!

I leave you with this provocative quote from Mark Twain

-There are only two types of speakers in this world, the nervous and the liars – 

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