It’s a funny thing how persistence leads to patience and visa versa. We don’t always realise how the two are so closely related. And thats why we need a little reminder from time to time as to how The Persistent And Patient Formula works.
And, if we add to it the power of possibilities, which means believing in your power of making things happen – we have a strategy we can pull out of our pockets every day.

-The power of possibilities means having an open mind to new adventures and opportunities.-  G.V

So, how are your powers of Persistence? Do you find it easy to get on with it and get down on it? I’m not talking about distractions but the actual work, the finishing the project, the continuing to the end and the placing of that satisfying full-stop.
It is a great accomplishment to reach that moment when you can say, Yes that’s it! Done! And it does require Persistence and Patience.

-Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success – Napoleon Hill

I personally dislike deadlines, they make me nervous. And, I don’t believe in too much perspiration or pain. If you love your work, if you are passionate about your work that is the fuel that can drive you to finish and to succeed.

I am currently midway into a new book. I am focused and excited about this project. I am writing like a devil, immersed, intent and engaged. I am not suffering or in pain but I am working hard and diligently.

There are hours of frustrations and sometimes doubts. Times when I hear that negative chatty monkey whispering and shouting pessimistic and annulling sentences into my mind. I have to shake my head to get his words out. I have to get up and walk away, run out the house, do something physical to distract me from falling into the ‘fear pit’.

-Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting – Joyce Meyer

To sharpen my pencil and get back on track, I try these little tactics.

  • Look at an idea and see how I can do it differently.
  • Look for solutions not harping on about the size of my problems.
  • Check out technical advances to assist me.
  • Ask and share.
  • Be diligent.

In times of doubts and struggles, which let’s face it is normal – remember how the two go hand in hand – your persistence and patience muscles. Recognise your ability to control both and keep them on your side, in your pocket – ready to assist you when you most need it. You know it makes sense, you know they are smart moves, you probably advice others to do the same. Now it is time to apply them to yourself.
This is what I am going to do right now – be Persistent and Patient with my book writing!

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