Do you ever tell yourself, I’ll just wait for the right time? And then, fill your mind with all the comfy feelings of why it is just not the  right moment to start to write that book – prepare a killer speech or face your boss down for a raise. Do you find yourself making those fabulous convincing reasons as to why it is not the right time to launch a new online course or organise a workshop? Because we both know it is all down to having The Courage To Start.

Think about your favourite heroine or hero and all the brave acts they endeavoured. There was for each one of them a moment when they decided – Right – Now! Some little voice inside of them gave them the push that said, go now!

-Courage is a birthright. It is inside each and everyone of us – Mel Robbins

What makes one person go bungee jumping off the Shard, Eiffel tower or the Burj Khalifa and another mortified at the thought of it? What makes one person an enthusiastic scuba diver and another who would rather go fly a kite?
Is it courage?
Is that what courage is? Physical bravery, mind over matter, ambition, desire and passion?

When it comes to our own lives, what exactly is a courageous act? I think it is courageous to be open and speak from the heart.  To reveal your thoughts, feelings and stories in front of people you know and don’t know. In these situations, you have to face up to your abilities (or the lack of ) while people are listening and watching, this is when you really need a spoonful of courage. In today’s world of divisive politics and immense human injustices and suffering, having the courage to speak up from the heart certainly takes a large spoonful or two.

-The greatest courageous act that we must all do, is the courage to step out of our history and past so we can live our dreams – Oprah Winfrey

How do we start? How do we learn to take that first step, that first courageous movement that will urge us forwards? There are so many tips, tricks and magic formulas out there, it can be confusing to know where to start. Worst of all, when you are not feeling courageous is having someone tell you to just do it!

Sometimes you have to step back before you can step forward. Try these moves and note how it gives you The Courage To Start.

  • Help someone else. Offer your help, be generous and lend a helping hand. It makes you feel good as well as it builds connections and new friendships. It occupies your mind.
  • Go rock the boat, take a healthy risk,. Walk down a different path. Try a new brew, blend or beverage. Take the plunge.
  • Let go of the past, it’s gone, it’s history, you can’t change it. The experts say; the past leads to depression and the future to anxiety, so live in the present.

How you develop The Courage To Start  is about you deciding and making choices.
Here is an article about decision making to give you a gentle nudge.

Know and believe you have it in you to do what ever you wish to do.
Go for it and Step Up & Stand Out today!

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