It was just one of those days. Every time I left my beautiful room to go to the pool, a slashing tropical rain fell. When I went indoors, the sun came out. Finally, after getting a good soaking at least twice – I made my way to the pool. It made sense, didn’t it? As I reached the pool area, one of my favourite ladies, Karizma stopped me to ask about my day. I couldn’t resist a little moaning about the inconvenient weather – as you do!

Karizma folded her arms and with this gorgeous big smile of hers said,
‘Well then, you just have to wait a little bit longer!’

-Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet – Aristotle

I should know better! I didn’t learn to become a professional saxophone player in two days or two years. Neither did I write my first book in a week or prepare a speech in five minutes.

And there I was in paradise, surrounded by palm trees, coconut and date, bread nut and banana and I couldn’t remember one of the things I say to all the people I mentor!
Give yourself time to grow your business or to finish your brilliant book. Because there is great learning, knowledge and mistakes to discover and overcome. Enjoy the journey, you never know what you will come upon, uncover or invent on that road.

-Life is a journey, not a destination – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I know it’s real tricky to slow down, to wait a little longer and to be patient. We live in a get rich quick world. Desiring rewards almost before we finish the job. We dream up big ideas and expect them to materialise the next day. The irony is, we often  advice others to be patient and yet are blind and deaf to this counsel ourselves!

Patience is love. Yes, love of the work you are doing, the difference you want to make in the world and the words of wisdom you want to spread. It is also about taking action.
So, let me break it down into five exercises to practice daily.

1. Keep your eye on the bigger picture. Focus in on what you really want.

2. Practice your skill. Develop knowledge and keep learning your craft.

3. Stop over-thinking and judging yourself, it only leads to negative comparisons.

4. Forgive your mistakes, it is part of the learning curve.

5. Time: you are not losing you are investing.

I often hear that being impatient is a sign of ambition, it means you are hungry and are ready to do anything and everything to get what you want. But at what cost? Burn out? Losing yourself? Isolation from community?

As a good friend of mine said: Patience is a noble exercise driven by love.  I would add, preserve that love, and your self-belief and daily, trust in the process.

Remember also the importance of caring for yourself. Here is a little reminder.

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