The Beautiful Art of Writing By Hand. Do you use a pen or pencil to write your shopping list or your daily To Do List? Perhaps, you use pen and paper to write in your journal or your dream book? What about scribbling or doodling for fun or out of boredom? At the very least, we still have to sign our signatures at the post office, the bank and on many legal forms. This is Let’s face it, writing with a hand tool is never going to go out of fashion. I know many of us use a computer to write. I do too. But there is still nothing like the extraordinary connection between hand and brain when your hand rolls over paper.

They call it cursive writing, joined up or longhand, where letters are connected.  And, according to research studies, the benefits of cursive go beyond writing. In fact, learning to write in cursive is shown to improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory. Cursive handwriting stimulates brain synapses and synchronicity between the left and right hemispheres, something absent from printing and typing. Interestingly, the meaning of cursive is peaceful, comfortable, secure and slow. I keep in mind that my pencil is never smarter than me! It carries none of the frustrations of virus attacks, or hackers invasion or simply squishy eyes from all those light rays pouring off the screen!

The Beautiful Art of Writing By Hand.

Let’s remember that books, articles, scripts for film and theatre will also never go out of fashion. The fact is that print book sales are on the increase and ebook sales dropped for the second year running.
There is still enormous pleasure in holding a book, a script or article made from paper in your hands. So, don’t throw those pencils or pens away, keep your scrap paper for scribbling down your gems and ideas, you can always send them to recycle after, as paper breaks down beautifully back into the earth.

-The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe – Gustave Flaubert

I think that this quote is fundamental in our approach to writing. Believing that our story, our point of view or message has value and worth. Then, how our story and message develops and grows as we release it from our mind onto paper or screen.

I know some people makes notes on their phone, write emails to themselves when a genius sentence flows out of their mouth. Some write words on their hands, serviettes or lottery tickets when a spontaneous idea bursts into their mind. I know if I am watching a program and I love what is said, I rush to find my pen and paper scribble it down. Don’t you?

The book that will most change their life is the book you write – Seth Godin

Here are 3 tips to get you moving your pen or fingers to express your message, expose your passion and communicate your dreams.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the blank page, just start. Start with I remember and don’t stop to punctuate, correct or edit, just go!
  2. Write a list of nouns on one side of the page, fold it over so you can see them and then write a list of verbs. Create sentences with the verbs and nouns mixing in a way that is unique, wild and totally spontaneous!
  3. Pick two characters from a book, a film or your neighbours and write a dialogue they would have if, they won the lottery, one of them decided to move country or announced the launch of their best-seller.

Be rebellious, lose your inhibitions, take a spoonful or two of courage and write that blog, script, Talk or message that is burning inside of you. Below are two short posts about writing that will get you moving your ideas out of your head and onto paper or screen.

I do believe we all have a story or three to tell. We all want to be Heard, Understood and Believed, it is healthy! So, start writing, start expressing yourself, and if you need more guidance click on that chat button below and i will get you writing today!

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