Some people believe that you can’t do two things at once. Well, let’s not split hairs, of course, we all can breath and walk, eat and talk and a million other basic human movements. Yet, how many of us smile when we talk?  It is one of those little details that can turn a speech into a memorable talk. That’s why I believe that Talking and Smiling on Stage is essential.
I am sure you have all seen those beautiful Buddha statues which Illustrates a half smile? The lips appear to turn up at the corners and the muscles of the face soften. It’s kind of a cool look don’t you think?

Talking and smiling is supposed to be very healing and, they say, it is also uplifting to go about with a half smile. It takes a little practice to keep it going, and it doesn’t hurt.

I tried it out in my different presentations and noticed it had an unexpected and satisfying effect even on hecklers. Yes, genuine and credible smiles can turnaround the toughest of audiences!
And did you know, not only does it make you look approachable and attractive but younger!
Now, I know you are interested.
Have a look now, pick up your smartphone (no, don’t switch it on!) just look at that dark-mirrored screen and see your beautiful smile.
Keep practicing, and discover how amazing your smile is.

-Your smile will give a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you – Les Brown

Studies have proved that people who smile more live longer! Yes! And we are born smiling. In fact, children smile up to four hundred times a day! We adults, have unfortunately, developed grumpiness into a fine art.

Have you ever tried talking and smiling on stage? We know that the power of a smile is immense, so can you imagine the effect it could have if you could sneak in a smile or two when you are talking?

Usually, we smile between phrases, at the beginning or end of sentences but try slipping in a smile while speaking.
Stand in front of the mirror and see what happens to your eyes, those frowns on your forehead and how young you look!

People will pick up on that energy, in fact it is infectious. It has the effect of making others smile too and people will approach you afterwards with greater ease when they see that friendly smile.

I have heard people say that my topic is sad and serious, it is about death and torture and therefore I cannot smile. Surely not the whole speech? Not all of it? Surely there is a place for Talking and Smiling on Stage? 

Remember , sometimes it is the smallest of details that connects you to others. Your words have an impact, your body language continues the impression and the smile can complete it.

One of my favourite TED talks is by Ron Gutman who delivers a short and convincing speech about the wonders and science behind a smile.

Until next week, I leave you with a quote from Tom Wilson.

-A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose –

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