Many of you have often heard me say, I am on holiday but I am also working.
Or more colloquially, I am not switched off, I am really switched on! Which means to me – I am
Taking A Holiday To Boost The Brain & Body.

-You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation – Plato


We all know that taking a break from our routine or from our work schedule has numerous benefits.
Whether we heed any of this good advice, is another matter. In theory, we understand how breaks refresh the parts that need reviving, revitalising and repairing.
So, after many months of being busy on writing, publishing and launching my book The Rule Breakers Guide, I am taking my holiday. Switched off from the routine but not switched off from writing, thinking and speaking – my top fav topics.

-Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you – Anne Lamont


I reckon it is all about working hard and playing hard. I take that to mean – make your Biz-Niz work for you, so you can take the breaks that benefit you. Here are 4 excellent advantages to share with you to show you the amazing assets of Taking A Holiday To Boost The Brain & Body.

  • To discover fresh distractions and have more time to enjoy them.
  • Visit a new environment that inspires your senses.
  • Challenges and adventures that require you to answer or solve from a different perspective.
  • Relaxation that stimulates. After repose and recreation we have more energy and more motivation.


-When I take time out, I find myself going into Absorption Mode – Georgia Varjas


I call it doing the sponge thing!

  • Soaking up some quality nourishment and rest.
  • Saying Yes to new opportunities, offers and openings.
  • No regrets or self judgements.


Many of us still underestimate the value of taking time out and time off. Sometimes we fill our heads with guilt and shame and go down the workaholic highway. We convince ourselves we don’t need a break, we haven’t achieved enough and even, we can’t afford it.
To share with you some views and data from the USA read on
Of course, it is all relative and down to your personal circumstances and not everyone can afford the time or finances to take a cruise around a tropical island – but you could take your deckchair to the park, organise a picnic with friends, or have that weekend by the sea – What I am saying is that it is all about an investment in your self. Recognising you are worth it so you start Taking A Holiday To Boost The Brain & Body.

I shall be hosting a fantastic Workshop in October in my home in Spain. It is called:
The Authentic Performance Workshop for video, stage and page.
And, while I am enjoying all the beauty and wonder of my holiday in Italy, I am also conjuring up more challenging exercises, assignments and games for the 4 day happening!
The workshop will be exclusive and inclusive – just pack your bags and grab a flight!
Your accommodation, all the nourishing food you can eat, a professional Bio (created by Lorraine Pannetier, my accomplice for the event) plus all workshops, trainings and out of your comfort zone challenges included.

Interested, Excited or Curious? Check the link above.

Meanwhile, invest in some quality time out!


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