Start Before You Are Ready – or – Procrastination In Disguise.

Far too many of us gather lists of things we need to do before we begin a project. We write them down and start to get busy telling ourselves and others how it is going to look. But really all we are doing is buying the ingredients for the icing.
We are so smart at believing we are on to something hot and new, and living off the enthusiasm of our new buzz – that often – sometimes – perhaps or occasionally, we just don’t start.

Whether it is for Video – Stage or Page we have ways to convince ourselves we are not ready. We need to learn – acquire- develop – achieve and something more before we can start.
Actually, what holds us back the most is that annoying Procrastination In Disguise. You met him many times I am sure.

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday – Don Marquis

I say – to hell with your inhibitions and just go for it. Professional mindset in your handbag and you’re ready – I promise.

Sometimes you have to think before you act – but sometimes you have to act before you think.
And then believe it before you see it. Profound stuff – only because we are so accustomed to being told the opposite.
The trick is making the decision in the first place.

Here are some more Action Steps you can take.

  • Dive in the deep end – Professional mindset and Awareness in your pocket – 
  • No such thing as a mistake – it is only feedback –
  • Get help! Ask for accountability – Invest in a Mentor –
  • Remember – after Frustration comes Satisfaction –

Often, as you start to act, you realise that this is the best decision you have made and you may even get a sudden brainwave. It happens as soon as you start,  and you say – I know what I have to do now! Total win win situation if you take the leap, see the opportunity and go for it.

– You never lose you only learn – GV

Check out who is your gatekeeper. All the things that hold you back. Make a list and then read them back to yourself – in the mirror – out loud.
It all starts with small steps – everyday – no punishments allowed – guilty pleasures or self flagellation either.

If you are looking for a Mentor who will show you how to Take Action with Practical Steps – check out my Work With Me Page  and lets get you moving on what you want to do –Now.



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