We all have a unique way of putting our words across, using our individual dialects, accents and colloquialisms. And, each of us will add our own style and flavours to the sounds we articulate. Our accents define us and give us identity. The words we chose to express ourselves informs others of a myriad of detail. Your accent, your dialect makes you immediately recognisable, doesn’t it? And the best thing is you can change it up! So, be brave, learn to spice up your language.

-Do you know what a foreign accent is? A sign of bravery – Amy Chua

The way you speak bonds you to a group of people and it forms community. It’s true isn’t it? When you hear your language spoken, you sharpen your ears and then, you check out the accent to pin point exactly where it is based. It creates connection as if to say, hey, I know that sound, she’s from my tribe!

-At any one time a language is a kaleidoscope of styles, genres and dialects – David Crystal

Fashion in accents has changed over the years. More people are travelling, learning new languages, never mind the tech gadgets we have to receive instant translations. But did you know that 983 million people speak English around the globe? That is a hell of a lot of accents, dialects and pronunciations!

We all have a unique way of expressing ourselves and we also have the ability to adapt our language to fit in and to belong. Living in multi-cultural and cosmopolitan cities, we pick up and add sounds and colloquialisms to our speech. Trends in language change and every generation discovers new versions of idioms, slang and vernacular. Mansplaining – Hepeated – Broflake are just 3 added this last year.

– Put honey on your adjectives and let your verbs dance – Georgia Varjas

We love to play with words, to create double entendres and to tease and joke with our language. Yet, when it comes to speaking and writing, too many of us become caught up in the rules from schools and believe we can’t, don’t have the qualifications or the right accent to step up & stand out. How crazy is that? To believe that your accent, dialect or language skills are not worthy to be Heard, Understood or even Believed!

Here are 3 simple but strategic exercises you can utilise to help you spice up your language and really get Heard, Understood & Believed.

1. Slow down. Don’t rush your words. Pause and breathe.

2. Pronounce clearly. Start articulating and moving your mouth in an exaggerated way to liven up your mouth muscles.

3. Project your voice. It is all about speaking with energy and confidence and a little more volume.

Do you have this problem or carry some confusion, lack of confidence about your accent or dialect?
Because, I believe with the right attitude and exercising those 3 super easy steps above, you could conquer the world with your message.
Need some guidance on this? Want to practice until you feel proud?
Hit that button below and let’s build on your speaking skills together.

And, always remember to love your accent or dialect. It’s is your unique sound.

In this article below, I go into detail about some more speaking tips.


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