The other day, I was watching a backlog of Ted Talks. It was my catching up time. I wanted to listen and view someone who would be Speaking to Inspire. I had marked some 5 talks to view and knew I wouldn’t get to see all of them. So, I set my dial and went into sharp scanning mode, fast-paced observation mood and best ATB position ( Alert To Bullpoo) This meant, I really wanted to be hooked in, caught up and taken for a exotic and ecstatic ride within 20 to 30 seconds. I wanted to be able to take my fingers off the keyboard and lean back and be involved.

Of course, your personal decision to move on, flick off and check the next video/Talk has a lot to do with your focus that day, that moment. But I guess for the most of us, we want to be inspired, we want to learn something extra, something new and perhaps, to be entertained.

Now that is some package!

-Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working – Pablo Picasso

What happens when you speak? Do you inspire, share knowledge, give value and entertain? Do you make the effort to any or all of the above? What are your special qualities when speaking? There is a long list of excellent attributes to add tempting flavours to your speech, to your talk or presentation. Are you exposing and expressing them fully?

It is all about enhancing them, finding the best way to bring out that super personality you have of phrasing, language use and creating an atmosphere that really captures your audience. And it doesn’t matter whether there is one person listening or one thousand! We all want the same result, to inspire and make a difference. We want to be that person who is Speaking to Inspire.

So how can you do this? How can you improve on the qualities you have, when you speak out online or on stage? What skills can you develop to make an impact when you talk to colleagues, when you appear on FB Live or other video events? How can you capture and engage your listeners and viewers every time you step up and speak?

I have spent many years in the entertainment industry and learnt a whole heap of ways to work and play with an audience. I have practised ways to engage and capture my listeners. To give my best and enjoy it too! To entertain and yet offer something to remember, to learn and reinforce. And popular with most audiences is to laugh and feel good!

Here are 5 ideas to build and practise.

1. Your audience, your viewers and listeners want you to do good! They have switched on and tuned into you because they like, believe, know you. Because they are curious and want to know more.
2. Love your content. Know it inside out and still love it.
3. Understand the benefits and apply the Power of the Pause. Be brilliant at pausing and breathing on camera or on stage.
4. Don’t just talk, listen. Listen and watch deeply how your audience are responding. Be open and flexible, be honest and pay them your respect and attention.
5. Move your body and smile.

And if you haven’t already, check out Oprah Winfrey’s amazing SuperSoul Sessions.

Here is an earlier blogpost about motivating your inspiration:

This week on the live video, which arrives here on Fridays, I shall be sharing with you some fun stories and all those showbiz tips and tricks so you can capture and engage and feel the fun and not the fear!
Join in with your questions and comments.

Have another great week

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