Going Live, making videos, show reels and head shots is part of our entrepreneurial lives and yet we too often forget a natural sublime ingredient – our smile! And the thing is most of us smile in response to a smile. But do you know that a smile can attract and engage an audience? It has the power to stop you scrolling down and to clicking off. It evokes a vibe, a feeling of relax, a moment of happiness – something to be continued. Because you never know, so remember – Smile, You Are On Camera!

-A smile is a curve that sets everything straight – Phyllis Diller

Let’s talk about the health benefits of a smile – well don’t talk about it – try it for yourself. Grab yourself a mirror and give yourself a smile.
Did you know there are  four smiling positions?

1. The gentle Mona Lisa smile that makes you wonder is she smiling at me?
2. A smile that begins to light up your eyes, and makes your cheeks move.
3. Now comes the energy, where a smile breaks out across your face.
4. The smile with sound and movement, sometimes borderline laughing.

I have heard that some people can’t smile and they have to force it or force it. Usually, we can tell when a smile is fake. Often, we comment on a false smile. Nevertheless, in tests,  the results showed that even putting on a smile had de-stressing effects. Yes, even a manipulated smile can increase your happy feeling factors.

Why do we find it so hard to smile and so easy to moan is a topic somebody somewhere must be studying.
Increasing our positive energy and letting out negative vibes makes a huge difference to our persona.
On Video, Stage and even Page that precious positive high vibe energy is our magic to attract. It shows our Personality and that in turn builds the interest for our audience to give us more attention.

And as they say, The best things in life are free – so is a smile!

-People seldom notice old clothes when you wear a big smile – Lee Mildon

I have something that will make you smile – my Chat Show Fifteen Minutes of Fame is released on August 1st
Thats Today!
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