Camera, Lights and Action! How many times have we heard that before?
Yes friends and fans, it is Showtime!

I have been enthralled, delighted and inspired by the tennis at Roland Garros these last couple of weeks. The beauty of tennis is that it is not only a physical game requiring stamina, strength and technique but also each player needs amazing mental toughness and tenacity. I am always impressed how the players come back and fight on. The determination and courage is impressive. And this my friends is something I take away from the game every time. The women and men at the top of this sport display extraordinary human skills backed up and supported by an excellent team of coaches, trainers and advisors. This is key to attain peak performance and be at the top of your game. For us, learning and growing, we can gain so many insights from watching and studying the best.
So, when it comes to Performing or Presenting, they are extremely well prepared. Hours of rehearsal, mental and physical preparation and…repetition!

And that is how it is for the top people in any business. Practise till you are proud and rehearse till you feel it in your heart.
But let’s come down to earth now and look at how our finely-tuned and beautifully crafted diamond of an idea will be presented.

In the video below you will see some of the most important points illustrated; Pausing, breathing, gestures and even appearance, but enough words from me…check out the video below! Then, don’t forget to comment, let me know your thoughts and opinions.

(Big apologies for the wind in the mic shushing sound!)

There are many speakers to recommend. Today, I have chosen this woman, Pamela Jett, she does Hands, Pauses and Eye contact…and she is funny!

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