I have been feeling a change in the air for a few weeks now. .
At first, I thought it was a seasonal thing, you know Spring and the cleaning and clearing out it encourages.
Then, there is the strange illusion of Mercury spinning backwards, called Mercury in retrograde causing turmoil and unrest all over the world.
The thing is it didn’t make me feel restless but actually more energetic and determined.
It felt like a desire, you know, a nice feeling – to

Shifting Focus and Shaking Up My Priorities.

My spotlight is moving away from writing and back into mentoring.
I have completed 90 blogposts in the last 18 months and I am proud of this achievement as it has given me wonderful new opportunities in the writing world.
I am now opening up spaces to work 121 with women ready to make changes.
Women who feel the need to communicate and are prepared to invest in moving forwards.

I am in contact with many international women in my virtual world. I see them reaching out with their products and services. Offering value and reliability.And, using social media to sell.
Yet, so many of them are holding back because of inhibitions and lack of confidence that effects their courage and then, causes them to make poor decisions.
I understand this really well because I have stepped on that merry-go-round – often.

I have learned that to create a confident delivery takes time and skill to build.

As Zoe Smith, Champion weightlifter and gold medalist said:

You can’t have the highs without the lows. And it is the lows that make the highs feels so good

I concentrate on developing content, confidence and courage.
And guess what? All skills you can learn.

I have designed a new program based around accomplishing these skills.

  • To create content that truly represents you.
  • That builds confidence so that your personality shines.
  • And then gives you the courage to act and succeed.

So you can really Step Up & Stand Out
To express your story, message or Biz-Niz vision on Video, Stage or Page.

If this is something that you are hesitating about or even struggling with then schedule a chat with me.
I can show you how to create a voice and a message that connects and brings charismatic visibility and profitable connections. Click here for more details

Change your thinking and you will change your life

Are you ready to grab back your attitude and ambition and make a difference in your life?

Hot off the press!
I shall be speaking at the Entrepreneurial Leaders LIVE 2018.
An inspiring event by Helen Packham
Hope to see some of you there but you can also purchase virtual tickets and get the best in the comfort of your home.

Have an amazing week!


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