Do you have a speech to give, a talk to present or a promotion for your book or product? Have you polished up all your fabulous tools? Are you now ready to rock ‘n’ roll and bring on your sweet taste of success? Time to Sharpen your Axe!

You know that feeling when you have rehearsed your presentation a thousand times and yet it somehow still feels wooden? Perhaps, some of you, may even have that cheeky, chatty monkey on your neck, rabbiting away and giving you a headful of negative talk?
This week, I want to share an easy come and easy apply check list for your Big Moment. The things to do before you do the real thing!

-Starve the fears and feed the faith – Mary Morrissey 

How to turn the page, clear you head, shake off all those sour thoughts and start to believe in yourself. The best way to do this is to have a few smart exercises to run through, so you feel confident and super pumped up before you go for your fifteen minutes of fame.

What can you do to sharpen your axe to bring forth a sensational presentation?

– If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe – Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln makes it clear, it is about preparation and rehearsal. And, you have done all that and you are ready to Step Up & Stand Out…
But then a new bunch of nerves bubble up. How can you go on and exude an air of confidence, a relaxed aura, a cool ambience when you hair is now standing on end with fear?

Here are my suggestions to sharpen your axe again, help you smooth out those frazzled nerves and take your piece from paper to stage. From thought to spoken word in a calm and inspiring way.

Bodily Functions.
Cannot stress enough how important it is to sleep well, eat healthy (and not too much) and drink super amounts of water before your big day. They all contribute massively to making your communication tools, from top to toe look and behave fabulously.

The Cool before the Calm.
How to relax before you even introduce yourself. Nervous energy is healthy.  A couple of colourful “Painted Ladies” (Vanessa cardui) fluttering rhythmically gives impetus not fear. I suggest a little humming, or la-la-ing. Gentle vocal acrobats will fill your head with good vibes.

Breathing from below.
Go for the deep stuff, it really brings on the calm and relaxes the brain. Drop your shoulders, release your fingers, shake a leg or two. Set the butterflies free.

Light up your face.
The Painted Ladies have gone, you are on your own. Enjoy your moment. You deserve it, you worked hard. No matter if there are five people or five hundred. Smile and look like there are five thousand. A smile can change your face, your thoughts and your audience.

-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

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