Have you finished that first draft? You know that brilliant idea you have? That super smart Talk you have etched out? The exciting best-seller you have plotted? The amazing piece of writing you have completed and are now stepping back ready to accept or reject it, (according to your mood, experience or feedback)? I think it is time to start Shaping up the Uncut Diamond that you possess!

This is where we step into the second stage of the W.R.P. program. This is the Rehearsal Room, where you get to snip, cut and shape up the glorious formation of words you created. In this editing suite you will transform your ideas into the magic of colloquial language. You will start to dress up your words, fashion out the best descriptions and add all the sugar and spice you need.

-The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practise – Vladimir Horowitz

This is the stage where many people give up, dissatisfied with their work, over critical or just lacking in self belief and confidence.
But in reality, this is the most exciting and creative part of the process. You are now in the position to sculpt, shape and shake up your amazing contributions.

I like to compare this section to owning a beautiful raw and uncut diamond. This is because diamonds are formed under high heat and pressure and lie deep within the earth’s crust! The same as our brilliant ideas taking shape deep in our minds and hearts, formed under much blood, sweat and tears! Check out this super, simple recipe to turn your uncut diamond into a sparkling record-breaking, hot-selling super success. Let’s start shaping up the uncut diamond.

-Practise creates confidence and confidence empowers you – Simone Biles

There are just 3 things to act upon in the R stage of the W.R. P. process, click on the video below and watch how you can shape up your uncut diamond and enjoy the process! And, don’t forget to leave your comments or Click on the Chat button and Let’s Talk about your shining diamond ideas!

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