If I want to get a dose of energy, determination and inspiration…I watch tennis. I am referring to professional tennis, the Grand Slams, those spectacular contests of grit, resilience and conviction. And now, a spectacular season of tennis at Roland Garros, Queens and Wimbledon has just ended and I am exhausted and I have lost my voice!

There is always an abundance of mental stamina, strategy and awesome physical power present around these high–powered matches and I am really spurred on by the phenomenal resolve that exudes from the crème de la crème of this profession.
Don’t believe me? Let me elaborate.
Firstly, we cannot ignore the peak physical appearance of these great athletes and the huge sacrifices they make to reach that level. But besides that, it is the mental focus that I am referring to.
The extraordinary conviction, the persistence and willpower they possess to win that match!

And, what do all these champions have in common?
Self-belief and confidence.
Oh yes….and let’s not forget the excellent team of coaches that are there for them day and night!
This team provides training, accountability, motivation and some plain old ‘push’. A coach will get you in shape mentally and physically and keep you on track when all those doubts and limiting beliefs start their chatter.
A coach is there to play devil’s advocate and then to restore and reestablish how capable you are, how ready you are and how incredible you are!

While writing my book, Divine Damages, I relied on my coach to get me through the confusion and doubts I had about my writing. She had to work hard to put me back on track and get me going again with positive thoughts and words, but hey, that’s what you pay for isn’t it?

Do you have someone to push you on every day closer towards your goals?
Do you have someone who believes in you and builds your confidence?
I share with you a quote taken from his book, ‘Rafa’ by Rafael Nadal.
-However great your dedication, you never win anything on your own

This is true for all of us, whether we want to present an inspirational speech, or achieve that promotion, or win that election and for sure, hear “yes” every time, working with people who support and encourage us is crucial to accomplishing our goals and dreams.

If you haven’t got a coach, create a dream team, and if you can have both!

Self-belief and confidence takes time and energy to cultivate.
Experience can show you how to flourish but teamwork makes the dream work!

Well, I’m not saying you will win Wimbledon if you work with me! But for sure You will develop an ability to command ‘yes’ answers every time You want them. You will develop stamina for winning.

Step Up & Stand Out offers one-to-one training for people like You who want to make an impact with their message.

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