Saying Yes To Opportunities – Learning. This is all about our Learning Curves. Learning from our mistakes. Coming to terms, understanding and taking responsibility for our words and actions. Recognising that all the little faux pax, hiccups and boo-boo’s we make are essential to our learning. Making mistakes is just part of life. If we change our thinking a little bit and see it as feedback – we can learn and improve. Admit, take responsibility and Learn from all your mistakes.

-There are no mistakes only opportunities – Tina Fey

Time to open your eyes up to all the possibilities that are around you. Revisit and reflect the connections you have.
Pay attention to the achievements you have accomplished, keep your positive energy high. And, keep learning new and wonderful skills.
Try these Four Steps to attain knowledge.

  • Read: find a writer who inspires and teaches you to open your mind. (suggestions below)
  • Watch videos and films, TEDx Talks on your topics
  • Attend conferences and events
  • Reach out, build your Dream Team and create collaborations

– Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think – Albert Einstein

As we learn more about our given topic we gain confidence as Mary Morrisey says; starve the fears and feed the beliefs.

Reading: Bob ProctorSheryl SandbergKatty Kay & Claire Shipman



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