When was the last time you stopped and counted up your achievements and successes? Was it recently? Did you actually sit down and take note? Observed and appreciated yourself for all the things you have learnt?  Most of us are not good at recognising our victories and triumphs. We tend to focus on what we haven’t done, completed or finalised. The art of celebrating our wins is often not part of our regime or routine. The thing is that when we take time to reflect and remember the wonderful creations  and accomplishments we produce, we are Saying Yes To Opportunities – Experience.  It is all about recognising and appreciating our experiences. And of course, encouraging it in others.

-If you do not experience anything it is impossible to gain knowledge – Chinese proverb

Giving value to our experiences opens up our awareness to our efforts and to our successes. We begin to see how our learning curve grows. With all these actions we build our Confidence, and as we know – confidence opens doors full of opportunities.

I encourage you to become involved and find some exposure, take some risks and go for it. You have to get out of your comfort zone to really find those opportunities and gain experience. Experience builds our reputation as experts in our field. Take all you know from your life – the challenges you faced and overcame, the learning you achieved that has given you the expertise and now the experience. Challenges, learning and experience, a powerful combination that leads to opportunities.

-The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein

Experience is not something you can create you have to do it. Taking action steps and risks and probably making a few mistakes. Experience comes from getting your feet wet, from making mistakes, from falling into some classic hiccups.
Then you can say, well, I done that, I faced the challenge, and learnt a few things. What an experience!



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