Saying Yes To Opportunities is such a fantastic topic that I am going to divide it up into three posts – you know the Power of Three!
Challenge – Learning – Experience. They are all interconnected but deserve individual attention. And, they are a powerful combination in taking your ideas, your speaking and writing careers forward.

I don’t know about you, but every day I face challenges in different proportions and shapes of importance. It all starts from a little seed about making a decision. From which outfit to wear or whether to write that blog post, have that conversation or say yes to attending a conference. Exercising our decision muscles is something we do daily but often without awareness. Being able to take smart and sharp decisions is key to being open to opportunities. If I decide to attend that conference hosted by the top people in my business – as an example – I need to decide to be ready and prepared. To make the decision to step out of my comfort zone. Challenge myself to do things that will take me a step forward in building my profile and my business. Now, even though that might make me feel uncomfortable, nervous or fearful, I know it is a challenge I need to deal with!

– Opportunities multiply as they are seized – Sun Tsu

So, we know that making smart decisions and having the courage to follow through are vital and essential. We can also recognise that with a small adjustment to our thinking, we can set our mind into a positive energy frame. Then, taking actions will be the next logical move. Of course, you will have a bunch of cheeky monkeys whispering all kinds of negative nonsense in your ear. Because sometimes in life you have to Take Risks! Calculated ones. Risks that could take you through that door. Exciting Risks to push you out of your comfort zone into the Spotlight of your arena.
Remember these three steps:

  • Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Action

Sometimes it is about making small adjustments and tiny changes to our thinking our daily routines. here is an article to remind you of the ability we all possess


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