Back in the day, when I was an active professional musician, I remember how I spent my days – rehearsing. Going over and over, repeating scales and musical phrases again and again. From sounding like a dying sea cow when I started out to having a real lovely sultry sound on the alto saxophone – This evolution was entirely down to repetition. In fact, anyone who has achieved greatness and success knows how much repetition is involved – endless! Repetition Is The Name Of The Game.

-Any idea, plan or purpose maybe placed in the mind through repetition of thought – Napoleon Hill

Sadly, this is where many people give up, fill their heads with negative thoughts and whoosh they stop, quit and go back to the day job. All the great artists I have met, and had the privilege to work with confess to their secret as nothing more than – practise – practise and practise.

-If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery. it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all – Michelangelo

It is a simple question of learning through doing a repeated action. Musicians, athletes, dancers, teachers, gardeners and even politicians learn their craft, gain their experience through repeated actions. Practise teaches us numerous skills and the benefits, as we continue, as we persist are attainment of knowledge. 

-Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers – Elizabeth Arden

Repeated actions may sound boring, dull, even useless to those who don’t believe in those Four Fabulous Sisters: Persistence, Consistence, Resistance and Insistence. Passion and determination will drive you to continue to pursue your goals. But those four sisters are key to  achievements. We all need mentors and muses to encourage us, take us forward and move us along, upward and onward. Investing in developing greater knowledge is something all great leaders and successful people do. All learning starts with observation, imitation and then repetition. As Tony Robbins says; repetition is the mother of skill.

-Repetition is not failure, ask the waves, ask the leaves and ask the wind – Mark Nepo

Here is a blog post about rehearsal methods, with a video containing 3 essential exercises to show you how to overcome doubts, dislikes and fears about repeated actions.

Remember that anything you want to achieve in this life will need a repetitive action. While you are learning you repeat the process to become more skilled. To achieve greater skills you practise some more, because learning is a curve!

I am always learning new skills and polishing up acquired ones. I have mentors and muses I admire and turn to them for more knowledge and learning. Sharing our knowledge and investing in ourselves are the two most beneficial ways to succeed and move upwards. Pop on over to my work with me page and have a good read of the learning I am offering.
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