Ready to tell your story?
Itching to write that book?
Or jump on a stage and have your say?
Ready to go and get it?

It’s a great feeling isn’t it? And yet, you have to admit it’s scary too.

Standing on the edge of a stage
Eyeing up the green lens of the camera
Staring at that blank page
It’s a real force of energy to have. Exciting and scary – I know, I feel it too.
And, I know how tough it can be.

It can feel like you are stuck on the starting line, looking at a long and winding road. Looking for a way to move forward or even step back. Hey, you are human, it happens to all of us. Hesitation, doubt and indecision are typical reactions when you are poised on that start line.

We all remember the first time we rode a bicycle, went to school, sat on an airplane. That feeling of fear and excitement mixed up in a tight ball in our stomachs? As adults though, we don’t always like that feeling and many of us back out of these situations. Stick to what we know and convince ourselves we’d be no good even if we did try. You know that sweet comfort zone?

But sometimes, all you need is a word or two of encouragement, a boost of confidence to get you going.
To edge you forward. To give you that little shove to get you off the ground.

-Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly – KandyKreations

Let’s get down to sorting out them fears. Let’s jump on that new energy you have and keep it alive. Ready?
It is all about communication and how you connect with your audience.

Let’s start with writing. Whether, you use a mind map, scribble notes on paper or tap on a keyboard –

 Writing is the painting of the voice – Voltaire 

The writing process allows our imagination to unleash the richness and imagery of our story. It helps us to structure and arrange our thoughts and ideas into a shape that creates immediate connections.

-Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein

Imagination is such a powerful tool and will help to release your story. Make a start with words, get your fingers sliding across that keyboard or gliding on paper because,

-It is perfectly okay to write garbage, as long as you edit it brilliantly – C. J. Cherryh

Writing is the first step to get you off the ground. The area before the start line that provides you with the Courage and Confidence to make those leaps. It is the Decision to act, to write and speak your story. It is the moment of your truth, your first big step – on video, stage or page.

Have you kept your story quiet for too long? Are you ready to grab back your attitude and ambition to make a difference?

Here is the link to the course page if you’re ready to act now.

If this feels like you, schedule a chat with me and let’s kick off your inhibitions and get you out there!

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