Persistence is something we recognise in successful people. A quality we admire, and wish we had more of ourselves. The fact is you are not alone because persistence has 3 wonderful supportive sisters – Consistence, Resistance and the youngest Insistence.

Too many people give up their dreams and goals – like just before their achievements get a chance to reveal themselves. They throw in the towel and throw out the bath water and just around the corner, waiting patiently are your clients, your audience or your tribe.

-We are made to persist that is how we find out who we are – Tobias Wolffe

Roller coasters and obstacles are there to test our persistence – and all her sisters too! We experience road blocks, hold ups, traffic delays, breakdowns, power cuts and a steamy stream of challenges. We fall down and over and it is is frustrating, stressful and overwhelming. And how often do we tell our friends, like-mindeds and indeed our clients, to be patient and persist?

-Ambition is the path to success, persistence is the vehicle you arrive in – William Eardley

I really do believe that there is no such thing as failure – only feedback. It is a tough approach but also wise. Past is past, so learn from it. Believe me, I practise it every day – it is a life time of learning, it is a journey. The art is awareness of your errors and mistakes. Recognising a different way to approach a situation. Looking for solutions not reasons. Keeping your high positive energy. Persisting with Persistence.

-Energy and persistence conquers all things – Benjamin Franklyn

One thing I have found is that exercising your Decision Making Muscles encourages you to persist, to become courageous and confident in your pursuits, business and lifestyle. Many of us suffer from indecision and hesitation which in turn causes delays and negative situations. When you make smart decisions you carry that confidence with you. When you are confident you feel more courageous and then more prepared to make decisions!
You see how they are all interlinked?

These are the 3 principals of my work. Learning to exercise your decision muscles, building confidence and developing courage. And, all these qualities can be learned and achieved. If this is something you would like to develop, then hop on over to my work with me page

I often watch great sports women and men and admire their consistency, their never-give-up attitude. In fact, I find it motivating to see how determined they are to achieve, to succeed and to win. To reach the top and be rewarded for their efforts. I am sure we all want the same in our business and lifestyle? We all want a Nourishing and Flourishing Lifestyle?

The art of Persisting with Persistence can be learned, encouraged and can become part of your routine. If this is something you feel you would like some guidance with, if you feel you are ready to invest in yourself – to Aim High, and Go World Class then hit that button below for a Complimentary Chat with me!

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