We are told that everyone is entitled to their own opinions – but you can’t always share them.  In some countries you will risk your very life if you try to air them. But everyday, everywhere we look read and watch are the facts and opinions of others. We are living in a world full of news and opinions, much of it fake, adjusted,  re-arranged or just plain lies! Opinions, Fake News & Facts – What’s Real?

-Here are the opinions on which my facts are based – Anon

So, how does a person decide on what is true or not? How do we believe in what we see, read and hear? We are told to always check the source but as we know much of history was written from the victors point of view and most times from a pen of a man. Do we then allow our emotions and feelings to help us decide what is true or false?  Many of us form our opinions according to our parents and teachers. All those religious doctrines, moral codes, gender and race biases. Opinions, Fake News & Facts – What’s Real?

Then, we have the fake news syndrome, or as I call it ‘making lies sound like the truth’. From Santa Claus, storks delivering babies (did you forget that one?) – to the belief that women came out of a mans rib – fake news has been around for along time.

You must check out the Fake News Awards  created by President Donald Trump, to highlight the news outlets he said were responsible for misrepresenting him or producing false reports. Entertainment is now included in fake news to tempt you to be more involved and let the doubts creep in. The what ifs and it could happen scenarios. The combination of fake news and entertainment is a global business.

-If you are not careful, the news will have you hating the people who are oppressed and loving those who are doing the oppressing – Malcolm X

So what is a Fact?  A thing that is known or proved to be true. And therein lies the confusion. Remember when men believed the world was flat? That was a fact – up until – But those lies and fibs and half truths breed a distrustful and skeptical environment. When evidence is disputed and there are two or more angles to the story, who do you believe?

-You are entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts -D.J Moynihan

How can you tune into your own decision-making muscles and find the integrity and the transparency that says – Yes I believe that?

Opinions, Fake News & Facts – What’s Real? It is hard to decide and often our opinions sway as new truths, evidence and detail are discovered. But at some point we decide or we say the jury is still out!

How do you make up your mind about what to believe and what not to?
Is it gut feeling, experience and emotion that guides you?
Do you fact check and ask around?
Does it leave you sitting on the fence, numb and exasperated?

In the fast spinning world we live in today, where we are inundated with news that often leaves us helpless and hopeless to act upon, we have to learn to trust our instincts, our hearts and souls. To find the balance between respect, empathy and tolerance.

I am deep inside writing my book and in searching out for opinions, facts and points of view to support my own ideas, I have to scrape away, caste aside and dive into the Google factory. I also ask around, to listen to others experiences, not empirical studies but in my books equally valuable.

Opinions, Fake News & Facts – What’s Real? I call it listening up to the voices of those who have done it, survived and are still smiling!

Are you with me? What do you think?


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