Have you been networking over the holidays? Did you pass around your Biz-Nizz card or just the brandy? As they say at the beginning of a relationship: Let’s start off the way we mean to go forward!
2017 has arrived – does it feel good to you? Are you full of excitement and anticipation? Ready to rumba or waltz into your next great success?
It all starts with new connections, or older ones re-kindled. Building up layers of new friendships that later become your dream team members, clients, Biz partners, virtual assistants, accountability partners…and friends.
This is the way forward for us writers and speakers and of course, budding entrepreneurs in 2017. Growing our Biz-Nizz organically. The Give before you Get method.

It means being your authentic self, listening more than talking, sharing before asking, and offering before taking.
It is all about developing trust between you and your new contacts. Slow and steady, consistent interactions. Let’s be honest about this now; whenever we interact with others we are always selling….our thoughts, ideas, business propositions, courses, books, products…everything is about sales. And hallelujah, the cold hard sales techniques of the 80’s is over.

-Selling is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone – Zig Ziglar

Networking in 2017 is about nurturing relationships and creating a consistent presence. This requires patience, a measured approach that takes time to develop, something many of us today have lost touch with. It means working on building a bond, a  gradual and meaningful rapport.

How good are you at engaging new contacts? Do you listen with both ears open and your mouth closed? Or are you thinking up your reply? It is important to develop your skill as a listener. To become known as a person who pays attention. A person who gives their full attention to their new contact, potential client or future business partner.
I am sure you noticed that when you listen in well with your ears, eyes, energy, aura (or any other unique talent you know how to exhibit)….you listen with all your senses open. It really does lead to a greater understanding about the person who is talking….and believe me, they appreciate your attention!

Asking questions shows interest, shows you want to know more, want to understand. Asking questions allows trust to begin. People will appreciate your attentive listening. To put it simply, you just have to tune into the other person. You are not judging, summing up or deciding about them, just tuning into them and away from everything else.

-It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.– Patricia Fripp

At Step Up & Stand Out we encourage developing self confidence so your individual personality can shine. People will buy from you because they trust and like you…and through using the above techniques, they will be convinced they want your product or service!
Become the unforgettable face of your business in 2017!

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