Have you got that Multi-Talented Thing going on? You know, a rucksack filled with artistic or creative skills? And, you are also adaptable, flexible and capable, of turning your hand to many a craft, task, action, assignment or operation?
I bet you have a hidden cache of talent tucked away.  Now, I am not referring to doing the ironing, watching a movie while talking on the phone! I am referring to, creating a snazzy web design, a catchy sales pitch and a 5-layered wedding cake! Or like the woman you know out there, who is a dentist, a violinist and does amazing graphic designs! It’s not about juggling, it’s about those super smarts and savvies that you possess and making them work for you, professionally and financially.

-Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened – Wallace Stegner

So many of us have a good supply of aptitudes and abilities, yet we do not consider them to be valuable.
We don’t believe we have That Multi-Talented Thing going on! How many times do we give credit and praise to the musician who can play different instruments, sing, dance and front a band? Or, the person who can tell or write good stories, create a delicious meal from 4 ingredients and make their own clothes or furniture! Yet, when it comes to acknowledging our own abilities…nada! We deny and negate it. We put ourselves down…too much.

But today, more and more people are digging deep and re-inventing themselves by changing profession, learning and developing new skills. More people are using their ingenuity, their proficiency and know-how, to establish and promote the businesses of the future.
It is all about believing in yourself, taking the courage to follow your dreams, and a ton of action. Then, you can say, Oh yes, I have that Multi-Talented Thing going on!

-Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it. – Maya Angelou

Time to Big Up all those amazing gifts you have. Those passions, dreams and desires that bubble up from your glorious imagination. Don’t let the rules from schools, (all those could’s and should’s) spoil your chances of creating the life you want.

Time to modulate, re-model and transform those brilliant ideas into your next source of life style and income.
Don’t let them remain un-used, un-exposed and un-gratified. Grow and develop them and then, with the right guidance, coaching and attitude, go global.

Cultivate your dreams, be brave and put it on paper, develop them, turn them into your ticket to a healthy life. Use your imagination, take action and make it happen. Discover your nourish and flourish life style. Make a list now of all your talents!

-A year from now you will wish you had started today. Karen Lamb – Author

Step Up & Stand Out’s aim is to encourage you to show your genius. You’d be surprised how many abilities you can put into action today.
Remember, Write it, Rehearse it and then Present it with confidence and charisma.

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