The times they are a changing and never has it been better time to Make Your Passion Your Pay-Check  You know what I mean? Turning the Biz- Niz you love doing into a valued service that brings you worthwhile financial rewards.
Knowledge and learning in exchange for money. Yes, that dirty old word. Or, as I like to say:

Make Your Passion Your Pay-Check

There are more entrepreneurs out there than ever before.  Have you identified your passion and your mission?
Do you have a feeling in your heart about something extraordinary you would like to do or create?
The time is right and ripe to let that brilliant idea or message of yours burst out.
It takes a Spoonful of Courage and a Ton of Action but it will be action you love!

-Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission – Zig Ziglar

The million $ question for many people is how to turn that passion into a sustainable pay-check.
Having a healthy mindset around money is key to developing  financial benefits but also practical steps are necessary. It starts with dismissing the negative attitude towards having money.
In his excellent book, Bob Proctor shows you how to start that process and encourages you to embrace the idea of having money in your life. Worth buying and worth digesting. Here is the link to purchase.

Once you have realised, like truly absorbed the concept that money is not evil, (especially not in your hands) then, you can start to believe in your value.
Learn and acquire knowledge for your business. Work on achieving clarity about your purpose, and then practice daily these  5 actions.

  • Believe in your worth and value
  • Create a Biz- Niz that makes you proud
  • Share your knowledge and wisdom generously
  • Make self love and self care a priority
  • Ditch negative rules about wealth

-To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality – Anita Roddick

If you can turn your passion into your purpose, and be consistent and persistent, soon it will become your profession. Because when you mix passion with action, magic can happen.

Make that decision to start
Take courage to continue
And confidence to succeed

If you want to Make Your Passion Your Pay-Check but are hesitating even struggling to begin, then schedule a chat with me.
I have an exciting and uplifting program called, Energy For Life 
Where you will learn to:
Exercise your Decision Muscles
Develop the Courage
Build your Confidence

So you can really Step Up & Stand Out
Check out the courses below.

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