I don’t believe in luck! You know the kind that is thrown around in phrases like:
“Oh you are so lucky!”
“What good luck!”
Or worse still –
“What bad luck!”
When someone says; ‘you are so lucky’, they immediately negate or deny that you had anything to do with whatever happened. They are saying that you almost did nothing to create the success or failure that you have, and no way can you claim any credit for it. No, it was just ‘luck’! However, when you have experienced ‘bad luck’ you can certainly expect some blame. It is always something that happened TO you. Some people love to dish it out right?

-The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act – Barbara Sher

I believe it starts with small decisions and small actions that we take every day. It is these steps that we make that lead us into the Nourishing and Flourishing Life and not ‘luck’.

– Fortune favours those that Step Up & Stand Out – Georgia Varjas


Now as for Magic, well there is true magic in nature – trees – plants – flowers – the sea – animals etcetera.
Real magic happens inside of me. For example if someone says, ‘Georgia you have fat knees!’ I respond with, ‘Yes, and they keep me warm at night!’ Now that’s my magic.
When someone says, you can’t write, you have nothing to say, get a proper job, go back to the kitchen or school, I create the magic and let it all slide off my shoulders.
And everyday I wake up – that is also true magic.

– Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – Roald Dahl


And so onto Money. The root of all evil! How it corrupts and brings on bad luck! It’s dirty and will destroy you!
Let’s Get Real!
Money is a genius invention used as an exchange device with limitless possibilities.

Unfortunately, by filling our heads with negative ideas about having and owning money we deny attaining that Nourishing and Flourishing Life. A life that allows you to fulfil your passions, express your creativity, and do what you love doing. The bonus is – creating financial wealth doing it. Why not? When you have money you have choice. When you have choices you can invest in yourself, you can save and share, you can enjoy the benefits of sharing and giving.

– Money does not change people, it unmasks them – Picture quotes


In conclusion, we all use throw away phrases like, Oh you are lucky! or what luck! etcetera. But in your heart remember it is more about you creating that situation, making a decision and accepting opportunities – I like to call it – a little bit of magic. Magic doesn’t make you money! Money comes from your initiative, your work, your contribution, time and energy. 

-There is no shortage of money in this world, start hustling – Grant Cardone

Call it hustling, working or doing what you love – don’t hesitate to Step Up & Stand Out for what You want in life.

Have a magical week!


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