I am inspired. Yes, I am inspired, regularly by some of the courageous Biz Ladies, and a few special Guys out there. It’s noticeable the way they Step Up and Stand Up for themselves. (Well of course, they also Step Up & Stand Out!) But there is something in the way they keep caring and recognising when they need some space, some nourishment for the senses and the soul, and honestly, a good siesta too! I call it, Loving Numero Uno!

I believe it is key to getting your life together. Having that passion of yours provide the smart and comfortable lifestyle that you want and deserve. I am not referring to an egoistical, lazy or selfish approach to business or relationships, oh no! I am emphasising that in this fast-paced, crazy, spinning globe that we share with each other, the importance of Loving Numero Uno!

From where I stand, if you ain’t feeling good, how can you the share good?

Seems so simple and basic, and yet many of us solo entrepreneurs, lonesome writers, bloggers and creative souls neglect ourselves. We work crazy hours, eat rushed and rubbish, sleep too little or too much, and only move our bodies to get in or out of the next chair.

How many of you out there dance? Play a sport? Go check out live music? Lie on your back and stare at the stars…or whatever else turns you on?

If you want your business to succeed, or your book to hit the best seller list, or that longing to get that deep and motivating message of yours out to a big audience, you know you have to keep your body heart and mind fit and flourishing.

I do believe that in order to give your real value, to offer the best of you and your gift to your clients, or audience, you need to be in good form, in tip top condition, performing like a brand new Ferrari 488 GTB.

I would love to know how you balance work and play. How do you practise Loving Numero Uno
Let me know in the comments below.

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