I watch a lot of Live Streams on Facebook. I see hundreds of coaches, healers and soulful sellers offering great value, excellent products and some super services. With so many entrepreneurs out there in this spinning digital world, competition to grab your attention is high. As buyers, we must at least like what we see and hear. We also want to feel some human connection with the person who is Looking in the Green Eye of the Camera. We want to align, line up and plug into what they are offering.

Let’s face it, if you are going to pay someone to boost your confidence, sales or relationship, you have to feel something for them. I’m not talking love or pedestals, but a real sense of communication. Right? it is the human connection that gets you, the buyer, to click that button.

-We should take care not to make the intellect our God; it has of course, powerful muscles, but no personality – Albert Einstein

Unfortunately, I observe too many talented entrepreneurs miss the chance to connect on camera because of a simple lack of practise, basic camera techniques and damn good scripts. Making that connection, putting over your super sweet hook-line has to happen fast. One thing you can guarantee with our unpredictable human race; they will switch off, switch over and tune out if you don’t hook line and sink ’em!

Then, they will hit on that big bright red “no thanks” button and two hours later, your name will be a faded blur in most minds. Peoples memories are short for certain things. On Facebook you don’t get many chances to shine and sign.

Here are Seven Healthy Remedies for FB Malaise.

One. Don’t start with an apology or explain why you are late or early or what you were doing five minutes ago, unless it is totally relevant to your work. Get to the point.

Two.  No pre-ambles or long intros, unless it is totally relevant to your work.

Three.  Keep it sweet and short. Who has 60 or even 90 minutes to listen to you? Stay away from long live streams.

Four.  Keep your eyes on the green lens, on your audience. They want to see you are looking at them.

Five.  Let the light shine on you. Make sure your audience can see you, and hear you.

Six. Facial gestures Rule OK. Use your eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, mouth, cheeks…use them all, especially that magic smile.

Seven. Learn and rehearse your brilliant offers. Practise makes you proud and confident.

For those that need some techy advice I suggest this link https://kimgarst.com/how-to-look-like-a-pro-using-facebook-live-lights-camera-action

If you need some more guidance and practical tips as to how to  look into the green eye of the camera, I have 2 super, strategic courses available.

For those who want to add some zing to their scripts or those who need to add some pzazz  to their presentation,
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