From the minute you fall or crawl out of your Mother
Life becomes a Risky Biz-Niz.
Everything you touch, taste, see and hear – involves some zone of risk.
Even your imagination, can lead to risky ventures – because Life Is A Risky Biz-Niz

As a child, I was often looking for ways to improve myself.
Sometimes, it involved a certain level of risk, rebelliousness or courage.
Sometimes, all three.
And often – it was considered as escapism.

At 18 months, I became an expert at getting out of my pram, cot or pushchair – even when strapped in.
You see, I really hated being strapped in.
For me, it was normal to find a solution – to find a way to get the flying fuck out.
I know you would do the same, and I am sure
you have been in situations that called for you to Step Up & Stand Out.
To take a risk and try something new – different – go left instead of right.

– Taking risks and making choices is what makes life so exciting – Amy Poehler

I know from early on that to take risks, go for a gamble in life, have a bet, a wager or play the ponies – is part of life.
So, why was I so friggin apprehensive to organise an online video challenge?
Forget comfort zones – it was worse than that.

Running through my head was all this donkey crap that no one would respond.
Be interested, be bothered even peek in and follow.

What a load of fruit bat poo.
It went so well that people are asking me, ‘when will be the next one?’
In the end, I swiped away negative thoughts and just did it.

  • I slapped down all IT challenges and went Live every day.
  • I selected extra – ordinary questions to stimulate personalities.
  • Doors flung open to collaborations and new friendships.
  • My Decision making muscles looked well fit.
  • My Discipline was spot on.
  • Connection and communication guaranteed and accomplished.

-Take risks: if you win you’ll be happy, if you lose you will be wise – 

I guess what I am saying is not just for you – but also for me.
If you don’t take a chance and just go for it and not over-think your worries and doubts – if you just say to yourself.
I’m going to do this to the best I can
learn on the way
ask if I don’t know
delegate if I need
It’s got to be good – Right?

– Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience – Paulo Coelho

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