Last week, I talked about Self- Discipline and exercising your Decision Muscles as the Driving Force for your business and success in 2018. But there is one more simple ingredient to complete this Super Trilogy – Happiness.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy – Dalai Lama

You just have to observe the wealthy people (no, not the rich, the wealthy!) from Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Bob Proctor, Sheryl Sandberg, believe me the list is long. Women and men who offer value; service or product and love what they are doing. In fact, in an open letter on the site, Richard Branson wrote: I am successful, wealthy and connected because I am happy.

Most people would say it is because he is rich, but that is not the attitude of the successful and wealthy. It is the exact opposite. Call it mindset, call it attitude, call it perspective or point of view – it is all about asking a simple question.

Is Your Cup Half Full Or Half Empty?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do see the struggle a lot of people face. Environmental catastrophes and human tragedy fill our newsfeed and screens day in and day out. We are drowning in negative news and unfortunately it fills our heads and hearts. Yes, it is like a massive attack of negative information and it is global. But it is also provoked and promoted, especially during the month of January. They call it the Winter Blues and Dry January, there is even an official Quitters Day, on the 12th January!
To me, it sounds like a vicious cycle of rewards and punishments and then a bit of purging and fasting.

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things – Henry Ward Beecher

I would like to offer some words of wisdom, some simple strategies to show you a happier and healthier way to live your life. I have watched and observed the healthy and wealthy mindset, and noticed that happiness and positive energy is vital to personal and business success.

The Trilogy of Actions to Success

Exercising your decision muscles means deciding to make a change of attitude towards your life.  To adjust, shift or switch the way you experience life. To recognise you have the power to decide how you see the cup – half full or half empty.

Self- Discipline, as Brian Tracey points out is: a great time-saver. It is the ability to make yourself work on only those things that are most important to you. Reminding yourself what it is you want and taking the action to complete that task.

Happiness comes from doing what you love, being generous, having fun, providing a service or a product that is beneficial to others. Grab your chances when they come, have a positive outlook on life and when it doesn’t work – move on.

Your happiness vibrations are contagious. Likewise, if you lack verve, pep or pizazz, your colleagues and clients will pick it up. Believe that happiness will bring success because when you create it, you also attract it back.

If you are feeling those Winter Blues, or just feel overwhelmed, burn out or lost, then recognising your obstacles even your resistances will really help you rise up out of that funk. Click on that chat button below and let me help you make 2018 your year.

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