If You ain’t got Your Health, You ain’t got Your Wealth! This is a phrase we have heard for decades in various shapes and forms. Health is your wealth and your greatest gift. And the more colloquial version is: eat your greens and brush your teeth. Yet, so many of us ignore it until the symptoms of Dis-ease take over. We believe we are smart and educated and yet more of us are on diets and medication than ever before. And, when we are nor functioning – we can’t gain wealth.

-Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork –

The big question for all of us is how to achieve and keep the balance between our health and wealth. When I use the word wealth, I am not just referring to money but the riches of life. The real gold in our lives, love and friendships, shelter and food and of course happiness. Ah, but life happens, children come, you get fired and re-hired in a job you don’t like. The mortgage and the bank loans increase and time slips away – and then you get ill. But you have a choice. You can chose and decide which path to take. You are the head, the CEO of your body.

-Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn

Here are my Seven Top Tips for leading a Healthy and Wealthy Life.

  1. Start to listen and tune into the messages your body and especially your stomach gives.
  2. Learn and realise something new everyday.
  3. Sleep and rest, let your body recover, don’t resist it.
  4. Cry once a week but laugh everyday.
  5. Switch off, take a break and half a dozen pauses and do something that makes you smile.
  6. Get physical, find a sport or activity that moves your body and do it regularly.
  7. Develop the art of gratitude, it really does keep you happy and young.

Bonus Alert– drink more water! You can add mint leaves, star anise or slices of ginger. Then, there is a squeeze of lemon, orange or a splash of your fav. left over herb tea. Jazz up the water if you don’t like it plain. And between you and me, water, rest and laughter are the best medicines in the world – because, If You ain’t got Your Health, You ain’t got Your Wealth!

Here are three bright sites to click to balance your Health and Wealth.




I guess we all know that If You ain’t got Your Health, You ain’t got Your Wealth! We also know we need to care and love ourselves more.
And, naturally I have to include a fav. blog of mine https://www.georgiavarjas.com/559/talking-of-laughing/
A recipe for success!

There are many coaches out there that offer guidance on gaining  and re-gaining your health.
I work on Emotional Intelligence, getting back to basics down the road of common sense. An ancient art often neglected, mis-read or dismissed.
Sometimes, all you need is a reminder or a nudge to encourage you to revive your skills to have that nourishing and flourishing life style you so crave. Click on the link below and Let’s connect.

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