When was the last time you spoke on stage, on video or radio, or perhaps did a live stream?
Were you shaking and sweating? And your nerves – how did they feel? Or was it more about not remembering those brilliant lines you had rehearsed for so long? Maybe, you were concerned about being repetitive or boring?  Perhaps, it was the worry that the lighting wasn’t right or your nose was too shiny. Or was it simply whether your audience would like you?
Because honestly, at the root of it all, when we break it down to the core of our souls – we want to be liked!
Yes, it is as simple as this basic human need – we want to be liked. The desire to be appreciated for who we are.
And, it is this essence that is a key ingredient to make your Biz- Niz fly. Because personality will sell your magic, it will attract  your followers and engage your clients.  So, here goes, let’s dig in and find out ……
How Your Personality Becomes Your Biz-Niz Card

-Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures – F. S. Fitzgerald

Many people today are talking about being authentic and speaking their truth.  Words and phrases that are bounded around social media like they are the latest hot cakes. But let’s face it, being you is not new! Yet, as we know in this fast spinning world of everyone wanting 15 minutes of fame and a fat layer of instant gratification on top – being “you” is packed with pressure, pain and problems galore!
We want to be real despite our inhibitions and hang ups!

-Each human personality is like a piece of music, with an individual rhythm and tone of its own – Hazrat Inayat Khan 

They say that in order to develop trust and confidence in someone – especially someone you will invest your time, energy and money in -there has to be some connection, some special vibe, a feeling of – Hmmm, I feel cool around this person. And, it only happens when you are being yourself.

Being ourselves means accepting who you are and how you are. It means accepting all those Pesky little Boo-Boo’s
Those human foibles, those little errors, blunders and goofs that make us what we are – amazingly human. These are our unique features that create our characters and makes our individual personalities. This is what connects you to your clients, customers and followers.

Your Performance is key to your Personality


  • No to overthinking – no sleepless nights running over and around the project, the speech, the interview or even your first TV show!
  • No to comparisons – Personality begins where comparison ends – Anon
  • Confidence outweighs competence any day!
  • People buy your personality as much as your service or product

-We should take care not to make our intellect our God, it has powerful muscles but no personality – Albert Einstein

Having quality content that is packed with a generous helping of value is an essential and non negotiable factor

Naturally, a little lipstick, (clean T-shirt for the boys) good lighting and a gorgeous outfit can big you up and make you feel even better about yourself!
But allowing your personality to come out takes courage and confidence.
If this is something you want – courage and confidence to Step Up & Stand Out
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Together we will starve the fears and feed the beliefs so you can Show and share your personality

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