Why are we still so afraid to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want? What really stops us? Is it a fear of sounding foolish? Making a mistake? Being ignored?
Probably all of them and more! Yet even though many of us are aware of this contradiction, we still hold back. There is still a silent stigma about asking for something. Do we consider it rude, impolite even cheeky? Or that you must be stupid if you ask? Or you can’t figure it out for yourself and therefore must be missing something or dumb? How insulting to assume that about a person who shows interest and seeks knowledge. Whether you are asking for advice, information or want to brainstorm – asking is key to progress. Time now to Step Up & Stand Out and learn How To Start Asking For What You Want.


-Ask for help not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong – Les Brown


I know in the past I have hesitated speaking out, and then felt bad afterwards, almost foolish! You know that feeling? Wishing you had and even knowing what you would have asked.
It’s crazy how we self sabotage and know it too! And then we start thinking about what we should have said and could have mentioned etc…
I wrote about this extensively in my 2 latest books – The Rule Breakers Guide & Rule It! How to Step Up & Stand Out On Video Stage & Page. 
The obstacles that exist and the ones we create ourselves that hold us back are really quite extraordinary. And unfortunately it leads to all kinds of fears, doubts and hesitations and stops you learning How To Start Asking For What You Want.

-Better to ask than assume – Georgia Varjas

Here are 3 ideas to motivate you to learn How To Start Asking For What You Want

Start with one of these 5 words: why? where? when? what? and how?

Choose the right person to ask, someone who is qualified to help you.

Ask again. Ask repeatedly, don’t give up. Different day different mood – Right?


And yes, it takes a little courage to speak up. You also need some confidence to ask for what you want. Make the decision to ask and take action on it. Without shame, guilt or any passive aggressiveness. Remember no one can read your mind so ask. Don’t make excuses and fill your sentences with a dozen reasons (it’s not interesting to the other person honestly!) be clear, really clear about when you want it! And if the answer you get is a plain no – fine – it happens  – don’t dwell on it.


Confidence, like art never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions. – Earl Gray Stevens

A. Always – S Seek – K Knowledge. A positive way to learn to ask for what you want in business and life.
If you feel you need more guidance to boost your confidence so you always ask for what you want…
Or, you want to build those decision making muscles and act upon them…
Perhaps you want to release some of your courage to seek out more opportunities…
Book in a discovery call with me and let’s get you Stepping Up & Standing Out Now!

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