Do you remember when you were a child and how you questioned everything? Your curiosity seemed endless. You wanted to have a full answer and then followed it up with another question?
What happened to that exquisite if sometimes annoying inquisitiveness when you became an adult?
Where did it all go?
How comes it is such an effort to ask for something and question what you see and hear?
Is it the residues of restrictions?
Those obstacles we have adopted from parents, teachers, religious orders and the status quo of the day? And are you holding yourselves back from asking and questioning the important things in your life?
The things that prevent you from moving on up? Time to develop an ability to learn How To Question And Ask For Anything.


– Persistent questioning and healthy inquisitiveness are the first requisite for learning – Mahatma Gandhi


With all the buzz around fake, false and corrupt news, questioning everything is essential. It is not about being disruptive, disobedient or provocative (although there will be times when a dose of defiance comes in handy!) But it really is about being aware and alert to what you believe, what you do and say and ultimately how you succeed in life. Because what you believe is the path you will follow.

– Questioning is the door of knowledge – Irish saying


I know some people shy away from asking – believing that the other person will read their mind or tell when they are ready. But asking questions is about paying attention, showing interest and definitely a super communication tool. Does it need courage? Well, a little helps! But it is about developing human interest, opening your mind, perhaps being curious. As I have said before Curiosity doesn’t kill cats, it opens doors. It means dismissing some of the negative thinking and dismissing the ‘what will people think of me’ mentality. In the end, people will remember you as the person who knows How To Question And Ask For Anything!

In my up coming book – I encourage everyone to question everything. It doesn’t have to be in a hostile way. Or aggressive and demanding.

I like to approach things by letting the other person show, share and demonstrate their knowledge and wisdom through the answers they offer to my questions.
After all, it is a kind of feedback and we can learn so much from listening. Doesn’t mean we have to take the advice, adhere to the suggestion or say yes to the offer. And not all questioning has to be out loud! But question every word, written spoken or implied. Learn to be confident, courageous and competent by asking and questioning – everything.

As Lisa Nichols says: You are bigger than your labels. Don’t let others dictate, demean or diss you – learn How To Question And Ask For Anything!

Have a totally inquisitive week!


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