When you think of the word discipline, do you still conjure up images of hard work, pain and punishment? Come on, be honest! We all have memories from school days about drilling numbers or verbs, writing out mindless sentences like; I must not be late or I must not talk in class. Our parents used it as a way to teach us lessons about life, and in schools, colleges and the military, discipline is still applied as a way to teach and educate. For many people, discipline still has flavours of pain, doing something you don’t want to do and worst scenario, to punishment.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand the logic behind discipline and punishment. Surely making you fall in love with a topic would invigorate you to want to learn? And wouldn’t offering stimulus and inspiration encourage children to be curious and therefore keen to advance? Why is it then that so many of us grow up with this twisted connection between Discipline and Punishment? Why do we associate discipline as a forced activity with inevitable punishment? And why are we still using it to instruct and train our future leaders?

How To Make Discipline Your Driving Force in 2018!

I have always believed that doing something you love is key to doing it well. Embarking on something new with enthusiasm and energy is the way to start and continue. Now, I hear some of you say, well yes, but what about mundane tasks, everyday jobs, the mindless daily grind? Yes, there is always a list of small chores to act upon – but the same state of mind applies. Whether you are doing the washing up or preparing to speak on stage, writing your first paid article – you have the power and ability to turn anything and everything you do into something enjoyable.

Discipline is giving yourself a command and following it up with an action – Bob Proctor

And, there lies the secret of making Discipline your driving force in 2018!
Tell yourself to do it and do it. Because without that mandate and the follow up action, nothing will get done. You give yourself an order and perform it, execute it. It is the simplicity of it that causes many people to misunderstand and misinterpret this basic quality. The negative associations with punishment, the consequences of disobedience and the inevitable fact of having to suffer the pain of the job.

So quit that thinking! Don’t be petty, be disciplined! Because once that energy flows it regenerates itself. You start to enjoy the process. You find the pleasure because you love what you are doing. And every task, project, undertaking, effort, mission and endeavour that you need to accomplish to make your Business become nourishing and flourishing requires just one quality – the quality of self-discipline. Command yourself to do it and follow through.

This is a topic that is very close to my heart, because it is key to being Heard, Understood and Believed.
In order for us to achieve and make a life giving and receiving value we need just that one basic quality -self discipline.

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