Once upon a time, way back in the raving eighties, I Emceed a big outdoor music event. It was my first paid gig as the hostess with the mostess. I was excited and terrified. An interesting combination I confess. I not only had to introduce the bands but fill in with some snazzy lines and fun stuff.

-Better an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if ‘- Anon

Believe me, I did my research on all the musicians playing that day in the park. But no way was I ready for the thousand and one hiccups that came to pass. Power cuts, heavy rain and no-shows was the easy stuff! Fumbling my lines and  having my notes blown away began an afternoon of horrible pesky Boo-Boo’s on stage for me.

After that day in the park, How To Handle Those Pesky Boo-Boo’s On Stage became a preoccupation of mine.
You know, they even have a fancy word for stage fright and all its sisters and brothers (the shakes, sweats, sh*ts and shivers) They call it Glossophobia!

-Fear and excitement come from the same source – adrenaline – use it to perform- Georgia Varjas

There are several closely related, almost incestuous cousins that infiltrate our minds before we speak in public or even think about speaking in public!

We feel embarrassed, too shy or inhibited, not knowledgable enough, too small, too quiet and even boring.
We worry about what people will think or say if we dare to speak up.
Then, there is the most illogical of all – a lengthy criminal series of ‘what if’s’ and ‘supposings.’
By this time, you are either a complete wreck or doomed to self-imposed prison.

Well, let me tell you that 99 and half per cent of this is all in your imagination. 
Honestly, just think about it – a little longer please –
Then, read these 5 excellent tips to kick those fears right outta your hair!

1. Because let’s face it, most people are not really thinking about you as much as you believe. Stop over thinking. Yes, you want to be good, give value and make a difference and you will, as soon as you act and not think too much about yourself!

2. The audience knows that you can forget a line, break a heel or drop your open bottle of water on the stage (Yes, it happened to me) They recognise you as one of them – human! And, surprise surprise, being human means making a few Boo-Boo’s. Then just admit it, laugh about them – why not make an appropriate joke about dropping the microphone, or repeating the sentence? It is called being human and being yourself. (some people say authentic) They don’t know your script, do they?

3. There is no business like show business – learn your lines – know your stuff, and that means rehearsal, practice and more rehearsals. Actresses, stand up comedians, musicians, TV presenters and you have to rehearse your material, content or speech until you feel proud!

4. Be smart, love yourself, don’t take drugs or drink a bottle of wine before you hit the stage. Sleep well the night before, eat a good meal several hours before your talk or live show, drink plenty of water.

5. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you. Colleagues who believe in you and say it. Try, visualisation, meditation, dancing, yoga or breathing exercises until you find the one that works for you.

-If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy – Dale Carnegie

Stage fright is not conquered overnight but by building up your confidence and developing a few simple stage techniques you can set those butterflies free.
And, I am here to help you raise your confidence so you can express your talents.
Confidence can be taught and you can learn it too!
Contact me below and together we can swipe those fears off your forehead!

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