How To Do Good & Get Rich? Let’s face it, we have all dreamt of a life without financial worries. Living a Quality Lifestyle. Go on admit it, you have daydreamed about having sufficient money to live in a beautiful house, surrounded by trees, or by a lake, maybe close to the sea or mountains? Remember the details? There was prosperity and comforts for all your loved ones, remember? So, this is my question to you. How Do You Do Good & Get Rich?

How cautiously I write these words! Hesitant to declare that we could achieve such wealth and opulence!
Dare I use the word Money, Riches and Affluence? The  land of milk and honey? For some people, they are still dirty words full of layers of shame and guilt. For others, it is just plain unattainable. Many people see it as ‘working for the man for all your life.’ And despite all the good vibrations, meditations, light and energy in this world, we are still filled with heaps of twisted beliefs and guilt about money. And, as we look around, we compare, we spy and lurk and wonder why not us? And say ….

How To Do Good & Get Rich!

The idea that you could be Living A Quality Life is just one big hallucination. Or is it? Could it be different?

For me, living a nourishing and flourishing lifestyle is not a dream, It is not a fantasy or something to pray for. One thing is for sure, you have to earn it. You have to do what You love, follow your passion and turn it into a service or a product that gives value and benefits to others.

-The human mind is the most powerful wealth creation tool there is – Bob Proctor

And secondly for sure, when we realise that everything we do in life is about selling and I mean soulful selling. Then you can see it as How To Do Good & Get Rich!

 -If you want to do good, get rich first – Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles was one of the great pioneers in New Thought.  In 1910. he published ‘The science of getting rich’, a daily plan to grow wealth. He lived every page of his book and shared his wealth. This is still considered New Thinking! The idea that everyone can create wealth is not encouraged in schools. In fact, school teaches us to count money but not how to earn it. It programs you to get a job, try your best and work for someone else until…you can’t anymore.

-Do what you love and make money doing it. Money is not the goal – it’s the result -Bob Proctor

Believing that you can have money and make a difference and offer a wonderful service is key to creating your wealth. It starts by recognising your worth and continues with appreciating your talent and moves onto understanding your right to be financially rewarded. Think of it as giving your energy and expertise for a monetary prize. Unfortunately, we have been brainwashed to believe that money is evil but in reality, it is the lack of money that forces so many people to do evil things. Poverty is the crime not money.

Now, most people I know need a little support and encouragement to find the courage and determination to Step Up into the place of wealth and health. Knowing your talents, skills and expertise is key to this rewarding journey. If this is something that resonates with you – press on that chat button below. Let’s clear the obstacles and find your way to express your talents and raise your confidence. Let’s find your unique way of doing good and earning wealth.

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