How To Design A Screamingly Good Title? How can you develop a flair for designing a juicy headline that attracts, beguiles and entices all in  5 to 8 words?
Of course you can do it and for sure you must! Attention spans get shorter and overwhelm and boredom is on the increase.
With so much traffic online and off line, creating that irresistible top line has become a stumbling blog for many writers, bloggers and script writers. We all want to design an original hook line that captures our audience and followers, so they read on, click now and buy today.

Anybody coming from the copywriting world will know about AIDA. Attention- Interest – Desire and Action. The importance of having all those included in your work is the industry standard. But also in speeches and especially online streams or videos, your top line can make all the difference between someone staying on to watch, read and listen or swiftly moving on.

-Titles are like compasses, they give direction. They push you and direct you – G.V.

The aim is to turn on, tempt and win-over your audience. A killer title can start you off on the right track. It needs to have a hook- line with a click right here ring to it. It is also about being short, sweet and succinct. Let the nouns and verbs do the talking, leave adjectives for the long read and adverbs six metres underground – pleeze! We don’t want to be obscure but we want to entice. And, we don’t want to write sound bytes either.

You know how it is on Twitter? Snappy and conversational is the style that brings rewards and increases your publicity – it is kind of similar with your headlines.

-Writing well is the best revenge – Dorothy Parker

Here is a selection of 8 moves to agitate your mind and fish out all the best Head-lines.

  1. Know your readers and audience and write for them
  2. Avoid ambiguity and get to the point
  3. Keep it succinct
  4. Choose a strong font
  5. Think outside of the box
  6. Questions to create curiosity
  7. Easy to remember
  8. Strong vivid and exciting language

-If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Albert Einstein

Keep writing and brainstorm new words. Let your imagination go wild. Scan newspaper headlines, play some word associations games, quizzes, crosswords. Flip through a thesaurus. Names of cities from different parts of the world can spark new word associations too.

Here are some other ways to get those sparkling headlines.

I know how it is – sometimes we just need a little outside stimulation to get those excellent brain juices of ours flowing.
With a wealth of experience to share I can help you kick start those super talents you have and bring them out to make you shine in your business.

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