One of the most valuable skills I learned during my years in Toastmasters was the art of evaluation. That is giving feedback on a speech. A fine skill for many areas of our lives. How often are you asked for your professional opinion on a work-related topic? And I imagine, there are times in your business where you have to evaluate a situation, perhaps edit or proof read a manuscript or article? Knowing how to create and communicate feedback is a real asset in many business situations. It is also part of the art of decision making. In fact, the two together are qualities in many professional settings. Imagine the confidence you feel after a wise assessment, a sharp analysis or an evaluation of someone’s work? I learned How To Deliver Powerful Feedback and I shall share my top 4 benefits in this post.


-Feedback is the breakfast of champions – Ken Blanchard


  I am sure you know what it is like to receive good feedback? It can certainly bring on a boost of energy and a sense of achievement. And the benefit of having an outside eye, a second opinion and even some suggestions or recommendations to improve can make a difference in our outlook and own positive vibrations. How To Deliver Powerful Feedback? Listen up – keep the mantra – two ears one mouth.


-If we only express our talents to the mountains all we get back is our own echo – Georgia Varjas


  Here are 4 points to remember when giving or even receiving feedback.

  • Don’t dismiss the feedback too soon and don’t over think it either.
  • Take the best and leave the rest. Remember not to take any comments personally.
  • Stay clear of assuming, presuming or judging (when giving and receiving!)
  • Always have a suggestion or recommendation to offer. In fact, always end on a positive comment.


Next time you attend a meeting, conference or need to have a talk with your Biz Niz partner, you know you can utilise any of these long-lasting methods. Remember to listen before you respond, take notes and compose some constructive comments and a recommendation to go forward and improve – all in your opinion of course. These steps will show you How To Deliver Powerful Feedback.


– Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others – Ellen DeGeneres



So, who do you turn to for a positive evaluation of your work? For some informative feedback? Do you have a like-minded colleague with whom you can bounce off your work ideas? Someone more knowledgable in your field, an editor, mentor or a coach? The other great way to share your work is in a mastermind group, where a team of like-minded people can share and contribute achievements and challenges and benefit each other through pooled knowledge and experience. How To Deliver Powerful Feedback instructs us how to make decisions and take action on them. It also offers the listener valuable steps to improve. One of the often uncredited benefits of giving and indeed receiving powerful feedback is that it is a great builder of confidence and courage, something I encourage in my writings and workshops.

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Have a powerful week giving and receiving feedback!



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