How Does My Voice Sound? Well, you’d be surprised how often I hear this question from speakers. Do I have the right pitch? Is the tone good? Am I loud enough? Does my voice have expression? Can they hear me at the back? This is the root of communication, how we connect our thoughts, ideas, offers and opinions to each other. And having a good sound, a clear voice is all about being heard clearly, understood properly and most definitely believed. These are the requirements of anyone who gets up to speak in public. How you create and release your vocal chords can make all the difference between you and your audience.

-There is wealth within the sound of your voice – Russell Conwell

The sound of your voice is unique to you. When you hear a voice you have heard before, you usually recognise it within seconds. The voice that you use to communicate your thoughts and ideas is the courier of your messages, the CEO of your words. It is an instrument with power and flexibility that conveys emotions, secrets, strategies and blueprints for life. Your voice is like breathing with sound; your voice puts expression, feeling and passion into your words.

The great news is all this can be learned. There are several techniques you can use to help you discover and enhance your unique sound. And, there are always ways to boost your confidence and way of thinking about your voice. In other words, changing your Mind Structure.

-10% of conflict is due to difference of opinion and 90% is due to delivery and tone of voice – Anon

Yes, you can create a beautiful sound that will attract your listener to engage with you. Here are 4 practical steps.

  1. Preparation, drink more water – to refresh the parts that need lubrication. This simple action is often overlooked, but hey it makes sense to keep your voice muscles in good physical condition.
  2. Be aware of your posture and how you use your breathe. Adopt breathing techniques designed to open and relax your vocal chords.
  3. Speak more slowly. This gives a sharper sound to your pronunciation whether you have an accent or not. Many of us speak too fast. Record yourself and listen back to your speed.
  4. Learn to project your voice. Practise speaking in different rooms. Listen out for echo, flatness and reverberations. Adjust your voice to the size of the room without shouting.

 Enjoy the vibrations!

-As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract – Abraham Hicks

Now let’s shift your thinking about how you sound.

  1. Forget everything you ever heard about your voice. Yes, including – you can’t sing – your pitch is too high – your tone is shrill. Dismiss and delete these phrases from your mind.
  2. Try some sweet self talk. Dig up those creamy smooth adjectives and turn them on you.
  3. Starve the fears and feed the beliefs.

I believe that with a combination of action and a healthy mind structure you can deliver and create a memorable vocal sound. This is something I have had great success with as a musician, performance poet and speaker. Sometimes all we need is for someone to show and guide us, encourage our talents and raise our confidence. Come on over to the Work with me page and see what is on offer

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