How does my….look?  My lines look so deep – My profile is awful – I am having a bad hair day – Am I photogenic enough?
Recognise yourself? We have heard and said them all…more or less. Facebook in particular has increased our anxiety about how we appear.
Then, there are all the webinars and interview shows sailing around on google and youtube, registering us, and how we look on that recording.  Our image is out there and what we feel about it still is a bigger issue than many will admit. How do we appease the critical voice and look our best when we Go Live? Do we pile on the makeup, get a new haircut or wear only black? Do we turn down the opportunity because we feel ashamed and fearful that someone will laugh at us, make jokes about our looks or comment on our appearance and not our content? It happens and it happens a lot. The critical voices about age, gender, size, race, education and class are flying around the airwaves and underground like red ants on a flesh eating frenzy. Yes, a disgusting image for a disgusting habit! But let’s not get bogged down in the blaming and shaming game, let’s look for ways to stand up confidently and be beautiful. How does my….look?  Who cares!

-Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it – Confucius

We all want to look good when we appear on camera, doing our FB lives or video shows, podcasts and webinars. It is natural and normal and healthy to want to look fabulous, yes, admit it. It is important to you. I am not talking about perfection, or looking like a famous star. I am referring to You, yes, beautiful You. And that is exactly where it starts. Loving you.

X. Self love and nurturing has been overlooked for centuries and it is totally separate from putting on the pancake and rouge. Everyday just say, ‘I love you’ in the mirror and then smile.

Y. Do things you love doing.  The act of doing something, accomplishing, achieving, finishing even…brings on a calm feeling of satisfaction. It can also create high energy.

Z. Evaluate don’t critique. Discover the internal and external benefits of evaluating and not judging. Evaluation is about asking, how can I improve?

In my WRP program, I talk about the value of appearing as your best turned out self. The benefits of looking your best are not only to boost your confidence but impress those viewing and listening. Because when you look your best, you can concentrate on what really matters to you. Hearing that ‘Yes’ answer or signing that deal with your new Biz Niz partner. Presenting an inspirational Talk that is memorable to any size of audience.

-Appearance blinds, whereas words reveal – Oscar Wilde

In the FB Live/Video this week, I shall be checking out how we can boost our confidence, bring out that irresistible smile and embrace and accept who we are.
And, To apply these principals, I have just the medicine for you. A Power Hour where you will discover your confident energy and walk away with a great start plan! And, when it comes to asking, How Does my….Look? You will have a satisfying answer! Details of the Power Hour will be revealed in the video out on Friday.

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