We all know people out there who are Holding back the good stuff, don’t we? People like you and me who get silly shy to show up and show off our super amazing talents.
Remember those occasions when you didn’t let go, let rip your passion and fire or even slip smoothly into a situation with confident authority?
Listen, we all can look back and see times when we didn’t stand up and sing out, or speak up and present and show our abilities, skills and talents. I know, I have been in those situations too! Really!  Where instead of stepping up and standing out, I shut up and pretended I was invisible.

The thing is, it’s all based on silly fears. Fears that fill our heads with repetitive and negative chit chats. Like: “you’re not ready, you haven’t got it yet, your not really up to standard, you’ll mess it up, you need more…”
I call that Holding Back the Good Stuff. And we all do it or did it.

-One of the hardest things in life, is having words in your heart that you can’t utter – James Earl Jones

The worst part about it is that afterwards, we give ourselves a double hard punishment session. Out come the weapons and we beat ourselves up.

I remember times when I didn’t take up an opportunity to shine and sparkle, and enjoy my “15 minutes of fame” because I was filled up with some sort of fear. What did I do? I backed out!

Why did I Hold Back the Good? Because some silly notion was fizzing around my head telling me to shut up, don’t move, freeze, even run! You know that feeling, when your mind starts spinning because you are chasing excuses and reasons why you should back out?

Later, when sanity and reasoning returns, we feel foolish, or worse. Then, some of us, plunge into the long and winding punishment road. Self-sabotage, the roundabout with no exits. In fact, if you read this short article about why we self-punish ourselves by Juliana Breines, you will see how this phenomena of castigating ourselves is so deeply imbedded in us.

So I am going to offer some super charming ways to Stretch you out of your Shyness! To get you out of that almost paralysing position of not being able to shine.

Time to stretch out your shyness. Time to exercise your super-powered Decision and Courage Muscles. It is important to flex those muscles so they become supple and easy to use. Learning to fine-tune and align your ability to decide and then to take the courage to step up in almost all situations….comes with awareness practise and consistency. It also means we have to stop that “no pain no gain” punishment regime. We have to go easy on ourselves and to stretch out our inhibitions and be brave and go for it.
Back in March, I wrote a blog about how fear holds us back. Catch it here if you didn’t see the 3 essential ingredients to fight off fear.

Becoming aware that we shy away from our brilliance is the first big step to change, to facing up to our inhibitions. How do you overcome your resistance to expose your flair and genius? How do you conquer your reserve and reluctance to Step Up & Stand Out? 

Let’s talk about it, let’s share our experiences of how we can overpower, overthrow and overwhelm our inhibitions and stop Holding Back the Good Stuff! Join in and comment below or watch the video on Friday and catch up on the Live Show.

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