What does it mean to be professional?
How do you know when you are professional?
When you make more money?
Conquer the corner office?
Or perhaps, when you get paid to speak?
Or sell a million copies of your book?
Maybe, you equate it with kudos and recognition?
It seems there is quite a confusion about the line between being Professional and Amateur.

For me, it is all about Having A Professional Mindset And All That Jazz.
Whether you get paid or not, speak out on a big stage or not, self-publish your book – it is all about Believing and Behaving in a professional manner.
It takes Learning – Action – Making Mistakes – More Learning – Some Action – Different Mistakes.
A wonderful Roller Coaster Ride of developing your skills.


-It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success – Lionel Messi, a professional Argentinian football player.


Yes, it comes with experience, knowledge and the application of both. But I believe you can acquire these skills at any age – if you dedicate yourself to:
Learning – Action – Making Mistakes – More Learning – Some Action – Different Mistakes.
All those you admire and consider as professional went through these stages.

If you look around the world of the arts, of celebrities, producers, directors and their backers – do you consider them professional?
Is it because they are famous and wealthy? Perhaps, it is time to re-define the interpretation of the word ‘professional” and view it with a broader perspective?

Having A Professional Mindset And All That Jazz. Why is it so important? Because dividing lines exist. There are codes and rules, and it is expected of you in many areas of life. We judge each other and ourselves daily. Whether it is the outfit a person wears for an occasion, their gestures, choice of jewellery, make-up or even deodorant. And, we also comment and critique the way a person conducts themselves at interviews, presentations and conferences. The language choice, the phrases and idioms and the accents and dialects used.
And the categories are; Is she or he professional? Or do they fall below into some kind of amateur grassland, no woman’s land – no man’s land?

-Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown – Furaha Joyce


Right or wrong – good or bad is not the issue here. It is more about you developing that professional mind set so you can go out and conquer the world – get what you want from life – succeed in your ventures and create that Nourishing and Flourishing Life for yourself.

The professional mindset is your companion for life. Become the expert in your field, Learn and share your knowledge. Become aware of what is holding you back and take action on these obstacles. I have a whole chapter on this topic in my upcoming book and share some facts and figures about attitudes surrounding this iceberg of a subject.

Agitate your mindset and turn that negative, low level amateur thinking into a professional manner. Big yourself up, hold your head high and believe you can do it. But be ready to listen and learn.


-Learning never exhausts the mind – Leonardo Da Vinci 



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