Now, don’t panic, I haven’t turned into a health Guru and I am not talking about an alcohol induced sleep. Nor, how drinking effects your memory or even a blog about how to get to sleep.
This is about exercising and nourishing the speakers greatest and most valuable tool….The body and mind!

-All speaking is public speaking whether it is to one person or a thousand. – Roger Love –

Our bodies need sleep and nourishment. Yes, my friends I’m talking about the latest fad to hit planet earth. H20 & Zzzz

The new alternative medication for people who like to speak in public, whether it is the stage, the floor or the soapbox. H20 & Zzzz.

Q. How much H20 & Zzzz should the average human swallow?
A. Three to four litres and eight hours.
This is the ideal. However, each of us will settle with our own variation of the dosage. You’re smart, you know best.
Contraindications: you need discipline to start, willpower to continue and a sense of humour to get good at it.

How many of you have been in a situation where your mouth was so dry you couldn’t speak clearly or at all? How many of you were nervous and then felt the dry mouth or felt the dry mouth and then got nervous? It certainly happened to me several times, and what did I do? I remember coughing, stammering, clearing my throat, apologising and then stepping back to runaway.
Yet this formula of H20 and Zzzz lubricates the body inside out and outside in. It detoxifies by opening up all waste channels and guiding them out of the body. It is also a great mental stimulus. A detoxed body gives more energy, better brain power and improved ‘animo’.

I know, some of you want proof, here are my favourites. Mehmet Oz and Deepak Chopra

Of course, in our fast-paced over-crowded world we have choices. We can pop a pill, drink a potion and resort to all kinds of legal and illegal recipes to recover and regain our stamina. But I like simple solutions. I do not like to make things complicated. I recognise that H20 and plenty of Zzzz keeps me in an energy flow and glow that brings results. Switching off (and I mean all devices of distraction) is an essential ingredient for a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou –

It is one of our greatest challenges, to balance the needs of our body and create the life we want. How do you manage that daily challenge? Do you rest and lubricate enough? Is H20 and plenty of Zzzz your recipe for good health and good speaking practise?
How about we share some of our ways to stay in the healthy zone? I would love to know what you do!
Are you ready to Step Up and Stand Out and make your voice and message heard?

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