Now some of us love to work in peaceful and quiet surroundings and others love the hustle, bustle and music of life when we work. We are all different and yet we all need the habit of Focus and Concentration.

Recently, reading the Rafa Nadal Story, and inspired by his chapter on Mind Over Matter, I realised that this is still a controversial topic. The idea that to give your full and undivided attention to your work there has to be peace and silence. So, I am here to stir this up!

In this chapter, Rafa writes about the Flushing Meadow stadium in New York which holds 23, 000 people. Imagine that? Can you even imagine speaking in front of a crowd that big? Or like Rafa playing for a highly prized championship? Pretty scary. But then if you add to the mix the sheer volume of people hubbing and bubbling, drinking and cheering all the way up on the upper stands – it would be like being in the middle of 23,000 person rave scene. 90 dB and above! Would you be able to Focus and Concentrate?

-Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory – Bill Russell

Back on planet earth, it is highly unlikely either of us are going to be in such terrifying situations, but what I am really exploring here is how tolerant are you of noise and distractions? Do you struggle to Focus and Concentrate if it is noisy? Can you practise mind over matter?

The funny thing is so many of us live, work and play in a cacophony of sound. Traffic, cars, trains and planes. Machinery, vibrations and reverberations and then, us humans. In fact, all day long we are making noises. Yet, we demand silence and peace to focus and concentrate!
How contrary is that? Many of us are addicted to the whats new – what’s next syndrome. And the art of multitasking is still fashionable.

The obvious things to do to improve your F & C are to make sure you are rested and fed, sitting comfortably and taking regular breaks. But you know all that stuff – so what else?

My Three Top Gems are:

1. Exercise your body – to stimulate your brain.
2. View your Focus as a muscle you can exercise, command and control .
3. Get your Decision muscles in tip top form. Making decisions clears the clutter. You know what you want and don’t want.

Let’s keep in mind that music is the food of love – play & work. Keep the music flowing, whether it is  hot and sweaty or cool and calming – pick your style and enjoy the rhythms as you work.

Try these extra cool tips too :

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