Finding Your Original Remix, or bringing out your individual way to express yourself. It’s all about discovering and developing your special style of interpreting an idea, thought or story. Let’s face it, nothing is original today. Well, that’s what they tell us, but hey, they haven’t heard your version yet! Your totally individual choice of words and phrases and your take on a topic. It may be similar, it might ring bells, but that is where the likeness stops because here is where you enter stage left and put your sparkle and charisma all over the stage.

I can only emphasise the words of Martha Graham –You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost – It’s all about shaking off those pesky fears and doubts. The nagging voice that says you haven’t got the right ingredients to be heard, understood and believed. Here is your chance to show all those negative critics just how unique your take on a topic really is. Ready?

-If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be – Maya Angelou –

Today, we have access to amazing technology that offers endless possibilities to express ourselves. We have social tools to communicate within our community and out into the wider world. We just need to start. Begin where you are, make that decision today to verbalise and vocalise. Chop off the head of that chatty critical monkey and put your foot on that bright start line. It is only in the doing that you will find your original remix.

And remember, all the great artists, writers and musicians who started out with someone they idolised. Shakespeare stole blatantly from Christopher Marlowe until he found his remix. So many have copied and stolen from the ‘elite’ of the day. As the contemporary photographer Harry Roolart says; -Originality is the art of hiding your source – 

Yes, everything has been said, done and sung before but not your way! So, be brave, take courage, dig out your exclusive play on words. Discover your style, your take on life.

-Don’t be satisfied with stories or how things have gone for others. Unfold your own myth – Rumi –

In this week’s FB Live coming out on Thursday at 18.00 CET or 5pm UK. I shall be digging into Finding Your Original Remix and looking at how to add your original twist of lemon to the Mix. Come and join me or watch the replay below.

Finding Your Original Remix

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