Feedback, is something we all love to hear, especially when it is about how brilliant we are. True? The thing is that giving constructive comments is a skilled task. Feeding Back The Good is not everyone’s forte.
We humans just love to share our points of view. We love to sharp shoot and tell people what we think about this or that. Nothing like a bit of constructive criticism…we say. We go to a lot of effort to air our viewpoints; we blog and vlog, text and tweet, we chat and yack pretty much all night and day, telling whoever is listening what we think of the latest movie, book or trouser length. Opinions rule OK!

-There is no failure, only feedback- Robert Allen

Yet, we starve ourselves of our rich vocabulary. We use such poor language to describe the events which have inspired or motivated us. We say, ‘That was great! Sooo interesting! Nice. Cool!’ Etc.etc.

Time to get imaginative about your language, so when it comes to giving your opinion, people notice what you are saying and remember your words.
I suggest to add some of those honey laden adjectives. Those sexy verbs full of zing. And those solid nouns full of promise. Why not? We have an extraordinary supply of delicious language available to us…we just have to unlock our imaginations.
Imagine how you would like your next Talk or novel to be received? What would you like to hear when someone gives you Feedback?

Here are some ideas to sharpen up your feedback comments.

First, forget everything you learnt at school and dig out your imagination. (that beautiful piece of magical furniture you have been hiding from yourself and the world)
Secondly, have a thesaurus at your side.

Let me also share with you Four Smart Actions to develop the art of feeding back the good.

Number One. Listen with both ears open and your mouth closed.

Number Two. Say something positive, there is always something positive to notice or observe.

Number Three. Detail. Listen and understand before you speak.

Number Four. Ask questions. Show genuine interest.

-There is only one way to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing -Aristotle

Toastmasters International  offer a structured and fun method to develop feedback skills.
I also suggest to write a review about a book or film as a weekly exercise, even if it is your own work! Sharpen up your critical skills and practise using the delicious language we possess.

-Be an encourager, the world has enough critics- Anon

While we spend time sharing our interpretations of the world around us, let us also remember to be generous with our words. It feels good to share. So become an imaginative sharp shooter and develop the art of constructive commenting.

Yes, Opinions Rule OK! So, show off your fabulous skills and delight your listener or reader with imaginative, generous and tasty vocabulary.
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